Well Daughter's S.O. has diverticulitis and something new to worry about. And maybe Tuesday he will have something entirely else to lose sleep over. One of the tests he was given found his bilirubin count way high. So now the doc is looking at what could be wrong with his liver to cause this. Just what he needs, something else to worry about.

As much as it pains me, i have offered to take them to church on the Sunday's i'm with them. Maybe if he can 'give it up' or whatever it is they say to whatever he believes in, it might help him. Their situation is so day-to-day that he doesn't need anything else to cause him stress. Daughter is taking good care of him, that's what she does best. She is in her element being a care giver. i'm sure she would have made an excellent nurse. It's in her genes. She is good for him. And he gives her a purpose to be. i hope this doesn't burst their bubble.

i now have diamonds on my toes. i got a manicure/pedicure today and she put a design on my right big toe in little sparkle stones. It looks way cool. Also got a perm--bodywave. i'm really trying to let my hair grow. Master said i should muck through the summer with it. He thinks it's just about getting to the right place. What is it with guys and long hair on their wimmen? He said if i absolutely can't deal with it when i get back in September i can have it all cut off if i want. Now, who in their right mind wouldn't just make the decision to say in September that it is too much trouble and get the whole thing hacked off? But oh no, i'm trying to resign myself to it. i look so much better in short hair. My hair is meant to be short. It is straight, so straight i have been accused of ironing it, HA!, and very very fine. It should be short, so short i can comb it with my fingers, or wear it bedhead style and not have small children run away from me screaming "witch, witch!"

Also had sheera today. Painful is all i can say. i never again want to wait so long. But saying that i know i will, because the very next time will be at least 7 weeks from now. i don't know anyplace in iowa that does this. Shirley did a very nice job, making sure i am all nice and smooth. i love the way my skin feels the first few days after, just like satin.

i had a disappointment today. Master was going to stay home tomorrow all day. But now He has to go in for a meeting. i will take Max in for a shot, drop off some things at work, and then go pick up the sewing machine at K's. Max will be with me so she gets to see him. i doubt if i will go into her place. She has two cats, and Sass gets pissy easily. i would hate to put her in a bad mood just before K leaves for the states. She's been suffering from food poisoning. She spent all day today in the hospital getting rehydrated. i hope she's better by Monday. She's also leaving. She will spend a few days in Amsterdam before going on. She lives farther west, so her flight is that much longer.

One more day and 12 hrs. and i'll be on my way. i just realized my ticket back is for Labor Day. That makes knots in my stomach. Just my luck Al-Quaida will be on my plane. i am still looking at the option of changing the flight date. i do not want to take any chances to tempt the fates.
It doesn't get much better than this does it?

On the way home this afternoon blew a belt on Emerson. What's the use of having cell phones if the people you need to call are not there to answer? i pulled into the station on Ghazali Road and noticed that Emerson's dash lights were blazing like glory. i was afraid to turn off the car to get gas, so i pulled out of the station and headed for the Volvo repair shop. i was feeling pretty good about myself until i realized the stoopid place wouldn't open up again until 3:30. i tried Master again, but still no answer. So i called G and asked him very politely to come and pick me up. He didn't know where i was, and he said my directions weren't the best, but finally he found me. Just about that time i got Master on the phone. G took me home, Master and he jawed a bit, then after he left, Master and i did some running. It seems all we've done this week is run.

Dropped my computer off at the computer shop with the new (bad) hard drive. Then went to the Volvo garage to check on Emerson. They will have it done tomorrow morning. i had to use the facilities, so Master took me to the 3rd ring road MacDonald's for dinner. Filet o' Fish and a McFlurry. I can feel another pound coming on. Then into the city to get another dial up connection, back home for me and Master is back at the computer store, waiting on my computer.

There is something to be said for bad weather days. This morning on my way to work i drove through the worst sand storm since i've been here. i know i drove past the airport but i didn't see it. i almost ended up wearing a small bus as a hood ornament coming around the curve on 7th ring road. By the time i got to the campus i was gakkin'and hackin' and wheezin' and sneezin'. i love the smell of the sand, i just hate what it does to my clothes and skin and the mess to clean up.

i called Master at the airbase just to see if He had made it to work. He said one of His colleagues had an even better time on the way to work than i did. He came through a bank of fog/sand/dust and nearly ran up the butt of a camel. Some people have all the fun. Master told me He had to stop for a herd on the way to work on Monday for them to walk across the road. He was sitting in the road with the car window down and got the surprise of His life. A baby camel stuck its head into the car and sniffed Master's ear. i would have dearly loved to see that. All i get is ugly pick up trucks to stop and wait for.

We have so much to do tomorrow. i hope Master doesn't say He will 'try' to get some play time in. i hate that almost as much as i hate not getting any special time. But i know He just says maybe to cover the fact that this time play is not a high priority. When He wants to play, nothing prevents it. When He thinks i want to play, but He may or may not be in the mood, it's maybe, or I'm thinking about this, that, the other. i wish He would just not mention it at all unless it is number one on His things to do list.

Tomorrow i go for sheera. Maybe that will trip His trigger tomorrow night. Fresh, smooth, soft, bare, cunt. How can that not turn Him on? One can only hope.

i have decided that stress is really tiring. Even if it's good stress. All week long we've been working on the curriculum. i've done my best to not take the task over and just do it myself. i'm determined this will be a group project. Today i offered a piece of advice, P and J thought it was a good idea, but they know, i hope, this part of the project is theirs. They don't have to do anything i suggest. My mind is working overtime, thinking of all that has to be done, and trying to lay it out in a comprehensible way so the others don't have to worry about what comes next, only how to do their part. i've had no time for any power naps this week and when i hit the sack i die. i didn't wind the clock last night. By the time i get to bed tonight i think it will have wound down. i asked Master if i had to wind it tonight. i don't want to wake up to see what time it is. i want to get out of bed when i want tomorrow, not when the clock says it's time. i want a whole night of power nap.


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