i lost three teachers today. They left the office about 9:30 on their way to Jabriya for an 11:00 meeting with the wicked witch of FoM and at 11:05 we got the first call. at 11:30 we got the second call, and at 12:15 the witch called. i have no idea why she would think i knew what happened to them. Like it was my fault they didn't show up. After the school year they put in, she's lucky there isn't a price on her head. i don't have all the details, but i think they got stuck in traffic as a result of an accident. They did finally make it to Jabriya, thank goodness. i am still waiting to know what happened. i hope it is good.

The pool should be useable tomorow. i hope the ice flows melt during the night. Tomorrow afternoon i'll be swimming again. Or fiting hypothermia.

Master hinted that tomorrow may be another training day. i'm not getting my hopes up. Sometimes it doesn't happen. We may have to take a trip to Jahra to the scrap yards and al quaeda hiding place (joke joke joke). For some really odd reason i love going ou there to the scrap yard. In the states junk yards are neat and fairly tidy given that they are junk yards. i'm thinking of the one i took my last car to. Nice even rows to walk down, cars stacked on top of other cars, all kinds of cars mixed together.

In Jahra, it is one big scrap yard, it's like a strip mall. You can go to the Ford boutique, or the Benz boutique or the Chevy Cap reece boutique. Each make of car has it's own area. It took me a long time to realize Chevy makes two different models for over here. In the states we have the Caprice, in Kuwait it is the CAP reece. In the states there is the Suburban, here it is the SUE burr ban. Ah the joys of foreign language.

Yesterday on the way home i drove passed the national thermometer. It was 110 at 2:15. Today it was 114. i guess summer is near.

Last night Master made me a CD of Johnny Rivers. i had asked for one, but didn't expect it so soon. He do love ta download mp3s. It's got to be a guy thing. i honestly believe He thinks He can download all the music in the world and store it on His computer. i wonder, sometimes i wonder. i was enjoying the cd on the way to work this morning. i had just a good drive to work i had to call Him and let Him know. i think i surprised Him. i hope i made His day go well.

For me i knew it was going to be a good day even before i left the house. We had mad hot aerobic sex this morning. i don't know why we don't do that more often. i always tell Him i love being the first thing He slips into in the morning. We were late getting out of bed, and He didn't get to eat His breakie. i asked Him not to tell His ride the real reason He had toast in a sandwich bag.

Master is making noises like He wants to go to bed. i was hoping to stay up and watch a bit of tv tonight, but i'm thinkin' that isn't going to happen. Maybe He won't mind if i read a bit. i got a new Bill Bryson book. Probably i shouldn't read that one in bed. It makes me laugh out loud. Wouldn't help Master sleep if i laugh in bed.
One of the blood pressure raising sports in a foreign country is doing something that at home would normally take 30 minutes if there is a line. For the passed three weeks i've been working on getting my car registration renewed. It's an old car, but in good shape physically and mechanically sound. It does need some power steering pump work, but the leak isn't too bad, and all the lights and bells and whistles work. BUT, you can't do everything in one stop.

Two weeks ago it took me three days to get the insurance renewed. The first time i went to the office, the man in charge of foreign car owners/drivers insurance was on a 4 hr. coffee break. i waited for about 3 and a half of them then said i'd come back the next day. Second day i went early, the guy came in late. Later than i could afford to wait. Third day, the man with the red stamp was there. Unfortunately i needed the man with the blue stamp, and it is absolutely haraam for the red stamp man to use the blue stamp. i left, went back to the office and asked Mohammed to go in the late morning for me. He has wasta, he got it done before 2.

The next week i got the engine steam cleaned so it would look all clean and shiny. I put two new tires on it, and rotated the others, changed the oil, vacuumed the interior and just generally got it all spiffed up, so i wouldn't be laffed out of the police station when i take it in for the final inspection.

Was going to do that last week but one evening last week Master took Emerson to the Sultan Center and some yahoo broke the passenger side rear view mirror. i didn't want to pay $100 for a new one, so i asked Master if we could go on a date. (my euphemism for a trip to the scrap yard) He said yep, and so this afternoon after work, that's just what we did.

i love the trip to the scrap yard. i love the scrap yard itself. The drive out in the desert is great. This time of year it's almost a perfect trip. The flowers are all blooming, and the camps are still out there. There is something absolutely beautiful about the desert. Lots of people think it's just empty space covered with sand, but it's much more than that. It's hard for me to describe. Maybe some day i can get a picture that shows what the desert is to me.

The scrap yard itself is an amazing place. Now i have to admit i don't have a whole lot of previous scrap yard experience, but this one is a marvelous place. It's huge, but filled with individual businesses. In my mind, if you wanted something for a chevy truck, you'd go to the scrap yard and just hunt till you found the right truck, and then hope it had what you needed. At the Kuwait National Scrap Yard, you first hunt for the particular area that deals in the kind of car you have. Then you go dicker with an afighani ex-taliban member about the price. They love to dicker. Then you walk back into the bowels of the scrap yard, disappear for about 20 minutes and when you come back out, you have what you were looking for. At least that's what happens when Master goes in. i sit in the car and watch the world go by. i do love watching people.

While we were there, Master also got me a new second hand wheel cap. Just in case those are required for the inspection. Then the best part of the trip. Near the exit gate, there is an iranian bakery. For about $.30 you can get fresh Iranian bread still warm off the roof of the mud oven. Master knows that if He buys be bread and a fresh bottle of water i'm His to do with whatever He will. And, if He buys me an ice cream for desert, i melt. I'm such a slut for the scrap yard. Master calls me a cheap slut date.

We got home in time for me to talk to daughter and daughter-in-law. Today is a good day. Tomorrow Mohammed said he will tackle the final steps of registration for me. There are some perks to being the boss person in the unit.

i hear the iron whispering my name. i better go take care of business.


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