Life is good tonight. Got both my kids on the computer talking to me. It sounds like they had a great turkey day. Son and wife and kids are hosting Christmas dinner. Daughter and S.O. will be going up for the holiday. i don't know how long they will stay, maybe a few days, maybe a week, i'm not sure. Sister and her husband are on their way out to Pa. to visit his family for a few days. i guess Mother is home watching the livestock.

We have the house moved. i spoke with the cleaning woman and she will clean the old apartment tomorrow. She will clean here on Wednesday, and then we have a holiday. Eid al Fitr, i think it is called. The end of ramadan is coming. And not a moment too soon for my money. The problem is no one knows for sure when eid will start. It depends on the moon. Ramadan has to be 28 days, but can't be more than 30 days. Unfortunately, we will be on weekend by the time it is over. Eid may begin on Thursday, our virtual Saturday. On the weekends, there is only one paper, it comes in the evening. So the only way we will find out is if we see men smoking outside. Or if we drive passed McDonalds and it is open. Of course i can always call a muslim friend and ask too.

i am bone weary tired and am going to bed. i showered this afternoon when i got home from sheera, never again am i going to go that long between visits. My clothes are laid out for work tomorrow, and i don't have to wash my hair. so say good night gracie
We are half in the new apartment. We slept here last night and ate breakfast and dinner here. All the big pieces are here, except the play room stuff. We worked until 10:30, our bed was the last thing up. Then we took our baths and fell into bed. Woke up about 6:30 but didn't get out of bed until nearly 9. We 'messed around' a bit.

i have the spice cupboard in my order, baking stuff where i can reach it, meat spices and other stuff up higher because i don't use that. My dressing room is all done, except the floor needs vacuuming...but the vacuum is in the other apartment. Master's bedroom is done we slept in it last night. The bathrooms are done, just about.
Today is the reason i live in Kuwait. Master turned off the a/c at 5 th is morning and now it's 9 p.m. and He just turned it back on. i could sleep with the windows open for air, but He has to have dark. There's a street lamp right outside our bedroom window, across the street. He sleeps on His side, rolled away from the window, on the far side of the bed, but it isn't dark enough for Him. When we move, we will be above the street lamps. Maybe then. i don't think the temp got higher than 90.

He said i can have a clothes line when we move. i love to hang out laundry. When the kids were young, i only used the dryer in the winter. i even put off laundry on rainy days. i don't know, there is just something about the rythm of hanging out clothes. And i love the feel of towels hung out to dry. And clean, sun-bleached sheets. i can hardly wait. And in this sun, white t-shirts will get 'in your face' white. i am excited.

i told Max we would have to get up earlier in the morning when we move. It took Master a couple of minutes to catch that one. Then he laughed.

He plans for us to be in the new apartment by Thanksgiving. i'm feeling a bit better about the move. It seems if i suggest something He sort of digs His heels in just to prove He's the boss. i'm learning. i sort of trot around the idea and let it be His. Works for me. i don't think that is manipulative. i think that is letting Him have the credit. i know He'd think of it sooner or later, but my way is sooner.

Tomorrow we may be able to take a road trip to the other part of the desert. Maybe we will take the dog, maybe we won't. Or maybe we will pack boxes to move.


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