i went down to see Daughter and S.O. yesterday. It was Mother's first time to see their new place. She was quite impressed. We took them to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Again, Mother was impressed. Got there about noon, left about 5. We were going to leave earlier, but Daughter had a seizure just before we left. i hate that. i hate the thought that my visiting her causes enough stress, good or bad, for her to have seizures. It is not fair. She said she would call the doc as soon as we left and ask about this again. She just had blood work done to check the med level in her system. It is exactly in the center of the normal range, but the doc increased the amount. If it is so good, why does she have more? i hate that am not near enough to her so that my visits wouldn't cause so much excitement. What if she has one walking to the market? She has to cross a busy main street. Master says not to worry, she's in Iowa, and Iowans take care of each other. That's some small consolation. Ha!

Iowa must have the record for having the most shades of green in July. The trip down and back was beautiful. It rained a bit the night before, so the air was clean and crisp. Fields of corn that are so consistant the tops appear to make a hard flat surface. Some have already earred. Some have silks that are nearly black, others are brown and even others are golden. Some are tassled out already and each field had made some secret agreement to have tassles of a different shade. The bean fields look like carpets of green. Even the dirty fields have beauty in them. Everything looks healthy and prosperous. Farmers have begun taking down the fence rows. That allows for bigger fields. The state is no longer mowing the ditches, so the wild prairie flowers add brilliant spots of color. The state is even helping the prairie return to Iowa. The highway commission didn't want to wait for the vetch and queen anne's lace and trefoil to return. It has planted the roadsides with them. The ditch lillies are in full bloom. There are some areas where whole fields have been allowed to return to the tall grass prairie state of the past. i am intrigued by the thought of the pioneers making their way through miles and miles of this kind of land. In my mind i can see the prairie schooners moving gently through the grasses. it's a wonder small animals and children weren't lost in it all. Iowa is beautiful. Even Mother said there is no place more beautiful than Iowa. And she knows everything.


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