i have a headache, a backache, i'm antsy and fussy and i hate it. i want to jump out of my skin. The barometer is low and i have to watch the French Open and listen to clap trap about previous female tennis players. And listen to music that is coming out of Master's head phones. Music that i don't much feel like listening to, i might ad. Sometimes i don't much like people who know a lot about a lot. They have so much to talk about and there are times when i just want quiet. No music, no tv, no conversation, just nice and peaceful quiet.

Tomorrow is a going away party for two lecturers in the HIA department. One has been here 8 years. She's going back to Texas and teach in an elementary school. This is the first teaching job she ever had, the elementary school will be the second. She is either a better woman than i am or a complete fool. i haven't figured out which yet.

The other one has been here 22 years. She need 4 quarters to qualify for social security, so she's going to illinois to start an HIA program at a community college. She's a weird bird, but she loves cats so she can't be all bad. She was the embassy warden for the Shuweikh campus. Now i am. The good things about this are, Master and i can go to the embassy on Friday nights for drinks, and i'll be one of the first to know where the boat is if there is an invasion. The bad things are, Master has been there done that, and is not a big drinker, and i'll be honor bound to tell the others how to get to the boats if the invasion comes. DRAT!

The woman i had to write up apologized in a back hand way to me today. If she just means it things should go alright. i am not one to hold a grudge, but she has to know that i won't be gullible on this. If she doesn't straighten up, she's gone. She has gotten away with this garbage for too long. i won't be mean, but i won't be a wuss either.

The only good thing that came from the day is there is even more crap going on over at FoM. And we aren't a part of it. Our plates are clean, we didn't cause the problem, and we are soon out of that whole mess. i have an appointment with VDAA on Saturday and with the dean of the public authority for public health. If it doesn't look good for us i will bail. i don't owe the university any loyalty, that's for sure. And if i can get in on the ground floor of the new nursing program over at the vo/tech school, it will look good on my vitae.

i'm stopping now, i want to scream. i think i need to go read in a quiet softly lit room.


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