i love Connie and Ellen. They are my two best friends from jr. hi school and we have managed to remain best friends for over 40 years. The three of us had a chance to be together last night for not nearly long enough and it was just like we hadn't talked to each other since Tuesday. It never takes any time to get that old yakkity feeling back.

Connie runs in the fast lane. She just got back from Jamaica for a wedding, she does Tai Chi with Dr.s and their wives. She works for a nationally respected ad agency, and her house is like something out of Modern Home magazine. She's divorced, mother of adult twins. She and i went back to school at the same time and graduated together. i went on to do more school, she went into the advertising business. Now she is doing really well. She has a great house and gets to travel for her work as well as for her play. She is a grandmother expecting her second in August.

Ellen is the 'mother' of the group. She is a nurse, married to the same man for 35 years this December. Married 6 months after graduation at age 18. She has two grown girls. One has been married three times already and she is not yet 33. The second is exactly one year older than my daughter and is on her second marriage. Ellen came from the upper part of upper middle class. Connie and i were solid middle class. The only thing Ellen ever wanter to be was a mother. Now her life's ambition is to be a grandmother. Her youngest daughter will be presenting her with the second grandchild in December.

i am the odd one.First married, last to have kids. First to divorce, move not only away from home, but also country.They have so much that i won't ever have. Some i don't care about, grandchildren, for example, some i do think i might want.

i was talking with my sister today and she, jokingly, asked if i wanted her to call me a waaaaaambulance, or if i wanted a glass of whine. Were does she get off? i'm not complaining now, just writing of differences between people. Two of whom i love with all my heart.

Took Mother to get a pedicure and manicure today. Her first ever. Not the best place in town, but since both she and Auntie Nurse didn't have any cash on them, i'm glad, cuz i paid the bill. i told Auntie Nurse it may not be a good thing she has power of attorney for Mother, because Mother is learning that old 'i don't have any cash' trick very well. That's when she asked me about the Waaaaaambulance and the glass of Whine. We then took Mother out for a Margarita. She is a free woman now, and way way way over 21, so she can pahtay all night long if she wants. Tonight when we got home she asked me if i had told the waitress to make Mother's margarita virgin because she didn't feel the least bit as if she had had alcohol, and her ears weren't hot and her cheeks weren't red.

i'm still not sure that this summer is going to be fun, i can't seem to get to anyplace i want to visit when i want to go there. Have been reading Beth's posts on the list and now am even more curious to meet her. If i thought there was a chance in hell, i'd even ask Master if she and i could play a bit, since she seems to need to feed her beast. Mother isn't as bad as i feared. She was quite unable to make any committment when i first got here, but tonight she told me we were going to Minnesota on Tuesday. That's progress. And i have managed to avoid being too long in the company of my new bro-in-law and i don't care if it is a Martha quote, that's a good thing


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