Wednesday started out all ok, and then Son called and wanted to bring the kids up and go to Auntie Nurse's to watch a video he bought with a disk of Dave Mathews. i forgot to pack the gift for Woowoo and her master. We all went out for lunch, Mother, Auntie Nurse, Son, and the kids. Then he took me down to the rental place i got the car and got on the road by 2:30. i drove until about 7:30 and then found a Super 8 Motel for the night. One small frightful experience. i thought i missed an exit. i learned i'm much more visually oriented than i thought. i didn't feel very comfortable with only the mapquest printout i had with me. The exit i thought i missed was in Indiana. i thought i'd missed it while i was still in Illinois. Duh! i stopped and got a map and had no more problems. Piece o' cake!

The next day, Thursday, was a long day, but uneventful. i stopped just outside Gatlingburg before the Smokies. Beautiful mountains. Kentucky is beautiful country by the way. Illinois is flat and boring. Indiana is more up and down, but not much to look at. Tennessee is gorgeous, but the road i was on was full of curves and tiring to drive. North Carolina is ok, and South Carolina is damp and a bit creepy with all that green and the cudzu.

Friday i arrived in Charleston about 3, Woowoo met me and took me to her place. We had dinner and then she took me to the motel.

Saturday we went shopping in the slave market area of Charleston. Found a b'day prezzie for sister, bought some prailines, an anklet (silver) and some earrings for Daughter-in-law. We went to dinner at a Mexican place. Sunday Woowoo took me to a real southern barbeque. A whole pig on the table along with hush puppies. There were several sides, greens with bacon, green bean, butter beans, okra, grits, some kind of pork hash, smoked brisket. There was hoppin john salad, potato salad (i like mine better), cole slaw, some canned fruit and vanilla pudding. i have to hunt the internet to find the hoppin' john salad. It was delicious. Then we went to the airport to meet a dom friend of theirs who has just come back from a year in Egypt working in Alexandria at a ship yard.

Monday we went for breakfast with a submissive friend of Woowoo's. After breakfast she took us to a professional domme's dungeon. It was fun to listen to her talk, but Master's playroom is bigger. i think Master has at least as many floggers and whips and such. She has many more things for males but she did say she has a few women who see her too. After we went shopping for a bit before dinner. i found some slacks for work and then went to dinner. Frank and Pat came with us. We had a good time. Back to the motel and then Tuesday morning we met for breakfast and then i hit the road. Drove all day and spent the night in a Holiday Inn. Up early this morning and home this early afternoon. i had a good adventure. i'm proud of me.

i talked to Daughter yesterday. When she called the doc, the doc was out. She was waiting for the return call. She and S.O. were going to his youngest son's for dinner last night. BBQ ribs. Darn, why didn't they do that when i was there? i have to call her today before i leave to find out what's going on.

Talked to Son today also. His interviews went very well. The first person to interview him was my first 'car date'. i have no idea how my name came into the conversation. After the divorce i took back my family name, Son and Daughter have their father's name. Anyway, they spent the first 15 minutes catching up on the life and times of mother and then moved into the interview portion.

The second man to interview is the father of a friend of Son's. Son and wife were cake servers at the friend's wedding last year. So they spent the first 15 minutes again catching up on what was going on in their respective lives.

All in all son felt very good about the interview. Not the kinds of questions he expected, but he felt he answered them well. i know he did. He's an amazing man, my son. Next will come the physical ability test and then the background check. Both of which he should pass with flying colors. i was worried about strikes and layoffs, but a friend of mine said the union isn't quite so strong now as in the past. He didn't figure a strike would be likely anytime soon. Then there was a report in the paper about the company needing to hire 1500 new workers in the near future. i certainly hope Son is one of them. He deserves a break in the job department.

Got many things to do today before i hit the road. i promised mother i would finish the laundry, do some ironing for her. She has to meet with the lawyer at 2 this afternoon. After that she will take me to the rental agency and i'll be on my way. i'm still debating what to pack. i have vague remembories of Charleston being really really humid. Even moreso than Iowa, but i don't know how that happens. i want to dress comfortably in the car but if i have to go into the lawyer's office i won't feel comfortable in the driving clothes. i want to have enough clothes for Chas. It is really simpler i think to fly. If one could get a ticket easily. i'm still excited about the trip. i hope to see some beautiful country. i wonder if Mother will loan me her camera
i spent yesterday with Son and his family. It was nice. The kids had cleaned up the house with Mom while he came to pick me up. We watched the movie A Beautiful Mind, very good. Excellent, but on our copy, the sound track was louder than the dialogue and it was very hard to hear. But it was good.

We had lunch at home and then out to dinner, where i proceeded to spill nearly a full glass of a fruit smoothy down Bizzy's front.

Went to the car rental place and put a deposit on the car i'll be driving to Chas. A 2000 Ford Contour. White, non-smoking, 4-door, a/c, no disk player but tape. i'm getting exciteder and exciteder about this. i might even leave on the 31st in the afternoon after i pick up the car. i'm a little concerned about making it there in two days. Woowoo said she and West drove 700 in one day, about 10 hrs. but there were the two of them, even if she didn't help with the drive. My plan is to be up and out early and take a break every couple of hours for 15-20 min. Drink lots of water so there are potty stops at every rest area on the interstate. Borrow some head bangin' music from Son to keep me awake, take a boring book along to read at night to put me to sleep. Sounds like a plan to me.

i think i left my camera in Wisconsin. This may go down as the vacation for losing things. The only good thing about the camera is that i have never liked it.

Got the photos back from the time with Daughter. She does pretty good for a gal who is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. The only one she took that is even a little bad is some wild flowers. i don't know if there was a breeze or she moved the camera, but it's a bit fuzzy. Gad, i love that child.

We are now the proud owners of two refridgerators and a freezer. 2/3 of these are in the kitchen. It seems i have the option now of not being able to close the kitchen door, or not being able to open the new cupboards Master put up for me last year. The option i want is not yet available. If i have to live with the way it is set up now, i know i'm going to be very unhappy. i don't want to live like a hillbilly and i'm sorry, that's how i feel about it the way things are now. i'm not going to push Master change it, but i am telling Him exactly how i feel. The thread on the list about suppressing feelings is hitting me hard right now. i don't want this to be the thing that breaks the camel's back. It is too stoopid for that. And really not worth the effort, but i am going to have to work very hard at accepting this if He decides not to change it.

Tomorrow night is the first thing of the class reunion. The closer the time comes, the more i don't want to go. But it was my idea and i'm just pretty certain neither Ellen, nor John, nor Connie is going to let me back out gracefully. i don't know why i'm this way, but it is a pretty convincing argument that i am not adopted. Mother is the same way about large groups of people. She seems to have managed to maintain a certain level, while i am finding the older i get, the more difficult it is for me. i sometimes wonder if i will end up one of those people who can't leave their own home because of the people outside.

The Dow closed up last yesterday. Great. That means i've regained about $2.30 of the money i've lost. i'm so please


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