Oct. 14th, 2002

More American military have been fired upon. This time it happened up north near the Iraqi border. Last week two Marines were shot and one killed by two Kuwaiti youth who are believed to belong to Al Qaeda. At least one of the dead Kuwaitis had been in Afghanistan at terrorist camp. The Kuwait authorities and royal family are strongly denouncing the actions by these few people. With the help of the FBI they are looking into the attacks. From the people who have been rounded up as being a part of this terrorist group it was uncovered that they had designated several other areas in Kuwait to be targets of attack. Three buildings, two separate complexes, very near where we live, i can see from the parking lot in the front of my building, a super tanker in the Gulf, the American School Kuwait, and the French, British, and American Embassies.

Personally, i don't believe Master or i would be considered targets. We live in an apartment complex that has very few other Americans or westerners. We live a quiet life, we seldom go out in the evening. The softball season has been cancelled, so there will be no more softball until next spring. The marines injured on Failaka island were playing softball. They had no guns. They were shot at in cold blood. Master and i seldom eat out, and we keep our drapes closed at night so people from the street cannot see in.

Master has taught me not to be a victim. He has cautioned me to vary my route to and from work. It is amazing how a bit of fear can make one a much more polite driver. i am not nearly so aggressive as in the past. Even Master has controlled His anger at the idiocy of drivers in Kuwait. Especially if they are young and muslim. and male.

i don't understand how Al Qaeda can even begin to think that these acts of terrorism will do anything but damage their fight. Perhaps they thought they could defeat the American forces and drop the U.S. to its collective knees. For the life of me i don't understand why. But now that they have attacked another country and killed so many other nationalities can only bring the rest of the world against them and reinforce the idea that the whole world must work together to put them down.

i was told that prayer call on Friday was extraordinarily long. The clerics of many of the mosques were warning their members to stay out of this action. They have called them ha'arom, forbidden. Anyone who takes part in them thinking he will die as a martyr and go straight to Allah is wrong. Anyone who takes part in the terrorist activities will be denounced by the religious and the royal family. The Amir has promised to punish to the fullest extent anyone who is convicted of being a part of this.

i don't know of anyone who has decided that they are no longer safe in this country. But i expect that if there are any more attacks or terrorist acts people will begin to leave. i must ask Master to prepare our 'to go' bags. The American ambassador has said he does not believe there will be an emergency evacuation. If anything is going to happen in Iraq, we will have plenty of opportunity to make the decision as to when and how to leave. Given the incidents of the past few days, i wonder. In any case i will feel better if we have a bag that we can grab as we go out the door in case an emergency situation does arise. My concern is for the dog. i don't think we would be able to take him in an emergency. If Master thinks i should leave for my safety, i think i will be able to take Max with me on a scheduled airline flight. If it comes to an emergency situation, i don't know what will happen to him. Dogs are not the pet of choice in this country. i don't know of anyone who would take him in. He would have to survive wild. Or he would be killed. The thought of that makes me very sad.

i try to keep my spirits up when i talk to my family. i know they are worried about what is going on over here. Up until very recently it was life as usual. Even now, we aren't doing anything that would be considered unusual for our life together. Master is in the front room talking with someone from work, i'm writing in my journal, Max is chewing on a bone. Life goes on.

Last night i had a bad dream. i have no memory of it, but i vaguely remember Master holding me and telling me i am safe. i asked Him about it and He said yes, that's what He did. i'm not sure i am happy or sad that i don't remember what i dream. Part of me is upset because i can't tackle the monster that is making me cry. i have an idea that the dream is part of the stress and must be some way connected to what is happening here. But i cannot be sure. The only good thing that has come from this is that i am not eating. My stomach is not tolerating food well because of nerves. i will not have another ulcer. i will not. i have learned how to deal with stress and rid myself of it so that i don't have another hole eaten into my gut. But i am losing weight. How weird, exercise, diet, no, nerves and stress, yes. Cool method of weight loss. But not highly recommended.


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