The weather was beautiful today, too. The sun finally came out from hiding. It's amazing how a little thing like that can lift my spirits. Windows open all day long, i had on a sundress. This is a beautiful time in this country.

We did mexican tonight for dinner. Just tv dinners, but i made soppapillas and Master did chips and salsa. i got on my new body mass index/weight machine this morning and drat if i haven't gained a pound this week. i thought i was being so good....i hate it when i fool myself like that. So of course today, i couldn't keep out of the kitchen. Every time i made a move, i had to detour through the kitchen. Tomorrow i'm going to be back on the wagon....damn i wish the weather would warm up so i can swim. And i have to get Master's bike back from campus so we can ride in the afternoons after work. Pretty soon it will be too hot for riding, any time of day.

i just feel darned good today. Tomorrow is a staff meeting. We are going to discuss the new curriculum. K and Jamal and i worked on the goals and objectives for the first course. Got the second course g & o well in hand. i suppose tomorrow the other teachers will have a feeding frenzy when we discuss it, but i believe Jamal and K and i can handle it. And i believe we are open to suggestions. i'm a firm believer it is easier for a 'committee' to modify something than have a committee create it.

We do have a truck load of work to do before September, but i'm not going back home until July so L and i should be able to get most of the courses put together. And i'll be back about the first of September, so that should give me time to finish up the loose ends. i hope.

Master has been having a grand old time with that stoopid letter. Everytime i say something He makes some (He thinks) cute remark about remedial reading in iowa or something like that. The brat.

SuzyQ said she and Pookie had a good time in Nevada with his son. But she did slip in the fact that she had 4 seizures in a 24 hr. period. Another brat. i asked her if she called the doc or made an appointment to have her levels checked, but she said she hadn't. Also said she hadn't had another one since they got back home. She thinks it's from the excitement and a little bit of alcohol she had. i know they don't drink much or often, so even one or two drinks in a weekend could upset her system. And, they live a pretty quiet life, so that change could have thrown her into a spin, too. i know i can't worry about her all the time, it doesn't do any good. And since i can't be there to do anything, it only makes me upset. HA! i'm still in a good mood, but sometimes life is just hard.

The iron is calling.


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