Master and i must have very clear consciences because last night we both slept the sleep of the dead. Master said He isn't even sure if He ever turned over during the night. That must be a good sign, because the rest of my day went well.

Had the meeting with the other teachers to go over the goals and objectives for the first course. i hate to be a braggart, but i do believe my style of administration has a lot going for it. Even C, who is a known whiner had constructive things to say during the discussion. Group work is difficult to keep on task, but dang i like the explosion of ideas when everyone's brain is clicking toward a single goal. It took us two hours but we got a lot accomplished.

Now it's up to P and J to get the themes and particular skill areas for each unit in the book. To quote George Peppard in the A Team, "i love it when a plan comes together.!" Everyone seems to be excited about the project and eager to work on it. i think that will make the courses work that much better, too. Every one is vested in the outcome. Everyone knows they will be responsible for the problems inherent in a new curriculum, but, they will have all earned a share of the glory of success when it's done.

Master said i could go with Him to play ball tonight. i love going with Him. For two reasons, actually three. i like begin out in public with Him, no matter what context, i like softball, and the bottom line, in our part of the world, where there is so little chance to socialize, it's a great break from the humdrum. He wasn't going to let me go since that past few times i've wakened the next morning sort of croupie, but i told Him that's all gone now, so He said fine. He also joked about the only times His team has won have been the times i didn't go to watch. Is there some point He is trying to make i ask?

We have some running to do before the game. He has to go pick up His new glasses, so we are going to eat early tonight.

i keep thinking about Pammy's situation. Everyone seems to be offering her good advice. i wonder if that's what she really needs? i'm sure all the ideas that are coming her way will help her make whatever is the correct decision for her. On the other hand, it seems that some of the responses are only marginally aimed at her. They start talking about her and making offers of advice, but before the end of the post move onto something about their lives with their owners/masters. One thing i have noticed about these kinds of lists. Many people seem to write the way they listen. They think they are helping out by making suggestions, but in reality just want to use that forum to air their own hurts/opinions/needs. Maybe what Pammy needs is to be encouraged to continue putting the words out there till she comes full circle and makes her own decision about what is best for her.

i don't know. On the other other hand, i could be all wet


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