i just can't get into it. i have about 40 pages to finish before i go home for the summer. i just don't want to work on them. i think about it all the time, but i don't have the energy or inclination to work on them. i know i work best in crisis mode, and i still have 17 days before i leave, but this is riduclous. i'm going into the office tomorrow, i hate that too, after all i AM on vacation, maybe i can work up some enthusiasm for getting it done. i doubt it, but i can always hope.

We took the dogomylettie out for a romp today. We took him out to the softball park and played frizbee and fetch. It took him a bit t get into it. This is the first time out. He died in the back seat on the way home. i don't know if i started a bad trend or not, but he got a bath. He may not like going out for a romp if he thinks he will always have to get a bath after. And then of course he got some doggie aftershave....classic sport scent. What can i tell ya? Living overseas warps the mind.

Both Daughter and Son are on the internet with me now, so i guess i'm done for the night.
Today is Father's day and Master got a card from His son and an email message from His daughter. Sometimes holidays or special days almost slip past me because they are only celebrated in the U.S. I am aware that the holiday is coming because I see ads for it on the internet, but somehow I don't equate those with the actual date. Weird! Here it is even more weird because Sunday is a normal working day over here. Back home, Sunday is the day of rest. Although now that shopping malls and other businesses are open 7 days a week, maybe more people in the states are forgetting special days.

Funny true story. When my sister was married the first time the first July Fourth she celebrated with her husband was on a Monday, making a three day weekend. The second year they were married, my sister was really angry because the Fourth of July wasn't on a Monday again. We tried to explain to her that because it was the FOURTH of July, it had to be celebrated on whatever day of the week the FOUTH of July fell on. If the FOURTH of July was a Monday holiday it couldn't be called July FOURTH. She didn't buy it. My sister is very intelligent, but sometimes she can be dumber than a box of rocks.

Another funny (i think) true story. My daughter was in the hospital for a long time when she was 14. She was ready to go home, but the resident doc wanted her to stay a bit longer just to make sure everything was ok. Daughter is still the kind of girl who can hardly stay inside her skin if she has a secret. She will never be able to play poker and win. She will give her hand away in a heart beat.

One morning the doc comes into her room. Daughter asks the doc what an EEG is. Doc starts in on a long detailed definition of the term. Daughter said no, all she wanted to know was what the letters meant. Doc says electroencephalogram, it is a test that checks the brain.. Daughter says thanks, and with a shy smile asks Doc what an EKG was. Doc, again, starts in on a long definition of the term and again daughter says, "No what do the letters mean?" Doc says electrocardiogram, a test that checks the heart. Daughter thanks him again. Doc turns to leave and daughter stops him one more time. With the most sincere look she could muster she asks, "What do the letters EGG mean?"

Doc stops in his tracks. Turns and looks at her and asks her why she wants to know. Daughter says she had one that morning. Now the doc is getting upset and a bit angry. He asks her who gave it to her. She says the nurse. He asks where she went for it. She says the nurse brought it in and gave it to her. The doc asks if she knew who ordered it. She says, no, she didn't know.

By this time Doc is really flustered. He asks her to describe how it went. By now Daughter can not keep a straight face. She looks at the doc and says it went fine. She put a little salt on it and put it and some bacon on her top of her toast to make a sandwich. Doc turns red in the face, turns on his heel and storms out of the room. All the other residents and the chief neurosurgeon are rolling in the hallway because Young Doc got one pulled on him. Daughter was a bit upset. She was afraid Doc was angry. About 30 seconds later Doc put his head inside the room, and with a laugh, told daughter she could go home the next day.

Don't know why I thought of that one.

We are having a sand storm. Our apartment is quite sound and tight. But I was talking to one of the other teachers and she was taping her windows. She lives on campus in faculty housing. The apartments are huge, but the rooms are very dark. The only place I was comfortable in was the Master bedroom. Anyway, J was taping the space between the windows because of the sand storm. She said she'd just cleaned yesterday and has tile floors. She didn't want to have to clean them all over again.

Sometimes the storms blow over in one day. Sometimes they last for two or three days. I asked Master if He had ever missed work because of a sand storm. He said twice. Once he had been sent home from work. And once He had been told to get out now or find a place to sleep for the night. The base was being locked down.

It's hard to imagine how harsh the desert is. Master's car has a black painted front bumper. He just got the car re-painted in March. In less than three months the front bumper has been sand blasted white. All the paint has been blasted off by sand blowing across the road. The windshield on the car is all pitted. It is hell to look through at night with the street lights shining. Everything has halos around it. The average life expectancy of a car windshield is about 28 months. After that you can't see out of it for the pits.
i had to send a letter that hurt today. i hate politics. i hate narrow minded people who can't see past their own biases. i had to tell a woman i couldn't accept her request for a transfer to my unit because of the bad blood between our two faculties. i need teachers. She is a good one. She has other qualifications that we can use. She wants to be in our unit. And i have to be the one to tell her. Actually, i'm waffling on the letter. It's written, but i haven't sent it yet. i'm going to give VDAA a second shot. i'm pretty sure it won't do any good, but i'm going to try it.

We sat out to watch the boat races again tonight. Strange thing, they were late, and the boats we saw were going into the work area, not away from it. i mentioned to Master that we ate breakfast for dinner last night, and wondered if we were the cause of some confusion. The racers saw us eating a breakfast meal and thought their watches had all stopped. The amount of light in the sky was about right, dawn/dusk type. Master said i was weird.

Daughter has a doctor's appointment today with a doc at the clinic in their new town. She sent a message telling me about it and that she probably wouldn't be online tonight. The brat, didn't bother to mention if this is just a 'get to know you' visit, or if she has some problem. i hate being so far away from her. Apparently not enough to move back to the states, though. And i know she is an adult. She is as old as some of the people i call friend in this country. But dammitalltohell, she is my baby girl. i have way too much invested in her to be able to give up worrying about her. And tough on her if she thinks this will ever change.

i have a clean sheera'ed cunt, a brand new manicure. i hope Master pays attention to that. i hope it turns Him on and He gets artsy/craftsy during the weekend. A few clamps, some cuffs, a little rope bondage, and a digital cam, perhaps? The hands aren't too badly battle scarred. i do like the way they photograph with a new manicure. The toes aren't too bad either. Am wearing a new pedicure too. hint Hint HInt HINt HINT

i managed to get home late three out of the four days so far this week. Master, love that He is, managed to prepare dinner all those days. He is such a sweet man. And a good cook. Much better than i am. i keep trying to figure out how to get Him to believe that being all time cook/barbeque-er/baker/salad maker is a domly thing to do. i guessi better keep my mouth shut on that one, and appreciate the things He does. And figure out ways to tell Him i do appreciate the chores He takes off my back.

When i read what is written on the list about anticipatory service i wonder if i'm missing something. i don't anticipate, well i guess i do to some extent, because i always ask. But i don't just put it out there, whatever 'it' is. When He wants something He tells me to do it, or get it or show it or whatever. i do, no questions asked, no wait one, i do it. i am coming to believe that everyone thinks he/she knows what the perfect slave is and most believe they are nearing that ideal and not many other people are. Ethnocentricism at its best.

We are having network problems. Master wants to use the computer and with both of us online the connection is way slow. Besides, the iron the iron the iron.
We watched the 6:00 Kuwait international boat race again tonight. Planned dinner for 5:45 so we would be sure to see it. Apparently there are some people who work down by the fish market who take their boats to work. There are 11 boats that leave at the same time every evening. It is so neat to watch. And what a neat thing, to be able to 'drive the boat' to work. i wonder if they have work boats and weekend boats? i wonder if they think taking a boat ride on a weekend afternoon is no fun, because they do it every day. It just looks like so much fun!

Master made the Doha run today. Absolutely not a rib in the house. He was so disappointed. He did get some sausage links and a nice pork shoulder, and a couple of canned hams. We had breakfast for dinner tonight. The pork shoulder is for the end of the semester party. One of the teachers is leaving so it's a combination going away party, end of semester party, thank god we survived party. Things are getting so ridiculous at the FoM. There is to be a resit for the midsemester exam, and the students don't have to retake it if they don't want to, but they have no idea what their scores were on the first exam. The bitch woman over there decreed that no one should release the grades. Then, several teachers 'leaked' their students' grades. She is such a bitch. The only good thing i can say about this is i have heard that there is a committiee looking into finding a new director over there. i know it is supposed to be bad form to feel good about another's bad luck, but she has dug her own grave, and now she can just pull the dirt in over her head.BAH BITCH!

There is a boat for sale on the corner. Master took a bike ride down to see it. Brought back the phone number and made the call. Then He laffed. The Arab owner is asking way way too much money for it. But it was way nice to think about. Maybe some day maybe the right boat will come along. i hope it doesn't come three days before we leave for good.

Daughter and her S.O. are going on an adventure today. They have to go get his meds so while they are out, she is going to take a detour, and make sure he gets a nice walk. Along with that, they will get a feel for the town. It's much smaller than where they were living, so if they get lost, they should be able to find someone who will help point them in the right direction. Although she does pretty good, she has been lost before.

When she came to visit her brother and i in Taiwan, she thought she could walk to the bakery by herself. She got turned around and got lost. When she finally got back to the apartment, she called me at work to tell me not to worry, she was home. Innocently i asked why i should worry, and she said she had been lost. After i picked up my jaw off the floor and jump started my heart, i asked how she got home. She said she just stood out in the road and waved until a cab stopped and picked her up. The smartest thing i ever did was make sure we always had the address in chinese on us. She handed him the address and he took her there. She was so lucky, that driver could have taken her for a gazillion NT because she had no idea where she was, but he didn't.
One of the stories we laugh about now, but then it was the most frightening non-medical thing that had ever happened.

Yes, yes, i'm coming. That damned iron!


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