i just can't get into it. i have about 40 pages to finish before i go home for the summer. i just don't want to work on them. i think about it all the time, but i don't have the energy or inclination to work on them. i know i work best in crisis mode, and i still have 17 days before i leave, but this is riduclous. i'm going into the office tomorrow, i hate that too, after all i AM on vacation, maybe i can work up some enthusiasm for getting it done. i doubt it, but i can always hope.

We took the dogomylettie out for a romp today. We took him out to the softball park and played frizbee and fetch. It took him a bit t get into it. This is the first time out. He died in the back seat on the way home. i don't know if i started a bad trend or not, but he got a bath. He may not like going out for a romp if he thinks he will always have to get a bath after. And then of course he got some doggie aftershave....classic sport scent. What can i tell ya? Living overseas warps the mind.

Both Daughter and Son are on the internet with me now, so i guess i'm done for the night.


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