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Aug. 11th, 2002 08:26 am
We took the chair down to Daughter yesterday. Then took her computer over to the shop. She had a hard drive crash. Good thing it happened while i was here.

i like Varna's idea about the community thing. i'm not much of a joiner, but i can see the benefit of this, writing down good things in our lives. It can be a help for those gray days everyone has. Perhaps i should also put them here, so they can be in my harddrive journal as well. i think it will take a bit of time to get the hang of it, i guess i'm just too shallow. i don't pay attention to the good and the bad, it's all life.

i think i have solved the 'what to get Mother for her birthday' dilemma. i've been sewing and i hate the thought of carrying the vacuum upstairs to clean and then drag it down again when i'm done. i think i'll go look for a vacuum for upstairs for her.
Yonker's called yesterday. Someone found my bracelet and turned it in. The clasp hadn't opened as i had feared. The bracelet had broken. So right away i took it to Mother's favorite jeweler and he will have it repaired for me this afternoon. So i can wear it tonight and tomorrow. He has some emerald earrings, but they are pretty small. He has some bigger ones, but the stones aren't nearly as pretty. But i'm thinking.

Went to the farm yesterday with Mother too. She had forgotten a small glass lamp that was given to her by her mother. Ex was giving her seven kinds of sass over the phone, but when Mother mentioned taking it back to court if he didn't give it to her, and letting him pay court costs and lawyer fees, he decided it was time to give it to her. She didn't get out of the car. He had called his daughter over for protection i guess. Got the lamp and when Mother thanked him, he asked what for? He is still clueless as to why she thought she had a bad life with him.
i told her she should get out her cell phone and push the end button. This was the last time she had to speak to or see him ever again. Unless of course he doesn't get the settlement check to her in time. But i think he will

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Jun. 8th, 2002 09:12 pm
My mother's soon-to-be ex-husband is a shit. He wants her to change her name, take back her before him name. He says he doesn't want her to come to the house again, that she has all she's going to get, and the antique lamp, that was hers, she brought it with her into the marriage, is going to go to the dump. He is such a shit. i do honestly believe he is only now believing that she is leaving. Hell's bells, she's been unhappy for all these years, and threatening to do it. Now that she has, he can't believe it. What a shit.

Getting ready for the trip home. Talked to Mother about getting on her car insurance, just to be safe. i know i'm covered as an 'other driver' but i think it's better that i have my own. Will go to the airline office on Tuesday. P called the other day and told me she spent five hours trying to get her ticket arranged. Godfrey Daniel, i have no idea how any one person can screw up another person like that. i'm almost tempted not to go home, i hate the thought of the airline hassle. But then i'd have to fight with the univ. for the MOC, i wouldn't just give back the ticket. My momma only raised one idjit and he lives in CA.

We are having a sand strom extrordinaire today. On the way home i couldn't see the gulf coast. Poor puppy nearly learned how to play 'let's fly a kite' (him bein' the kite) the wind is so strong. He got the last of his worm medicine today. He tried a new tack. i mushed up the pill and put it in some peanut butter. He decided to try the topical attack. He sat in part of the ball of peanut butter and it stuck to his butt. i guess he felt the med would get the worms as they come out. He learned his first command today. He sits now, whenever he hears the word. Good puppy.

i'm glad i got my swim in this morning early. If i'd waited till Master got home, we'd have had a mud bath.

i like being stay at home. i baked brownies from scratch, made fruit salad, red beans and rice for dinner. Finished up the laundry in one day, when was that last time that happened? Don't ask. Went and got my hair touched up, He likes me more blonde than i really am, had a manicure and pedicure. Neat new color. Not enough cash in my wallet. Sometimes i hate a cash society. Generally i have more than $500 on me, and a credit card. But i didn't get to the bank over the weekend. Only had 30 KD. Good thing i'm a regular at the shop. They know i'm good for it. They don't take any credit cards. And i don't know anyone in this country with a checking account. And the largest bill they have is a 20 KD, which is only worth $60 US.

The difference between a boat and a ship is????

Say good night Gracie. Good night


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