Jun. 24th, 2002 08:59 pm
i heard from three friends in Taiwan today. Two to ask me what i was going to be doing this summer when i'm in the states, one, a Chinese, to give me information about my Taiwanese credit card. i know i am responsible for any outstanding bill, but sheesh, i've been gone for over 3 years, and only now is the bank trying to get in touch with me about my outstanding account. i honestly thought i had it cleared up when i left Taiwan in 99. Apparently i hadn't. Now the bank is trying to tell me i owe them nearly $150. Would have probably only been $25 if they had contacted me in 99 right after i left. Oh well. The bad thing about it is, the bank keeps hounding my Chinese friend about the bill. i thought i had it all sorted out with the publisher. i had asked that the money be deducted from my royalty payment for this year. The woman who was in charge of dispersing royalty payments said that although it was an unusual request, she would be happy to do it for me. i thought everything was under control. Then i learn she has left the publishing house. The bill didn't get paid. Drat! Well i just sent the money by electronic transfer. We shall see what we shall see.

Took doggiepoo to the vet today for another shot. One more trip on two weeks and he will be all safe and sound. Another small problem. Two weeks from today i'll be on my way back to the land o' my birth. i wonder if i can take him in on sunday before i leave. Otherwise Master will just have to do it on His own. i'm pretty sure He won't be upset. Today He introduced Max to soft serve ice cream for being such a good dog at the vet's. Now i ask ya, WHO is spoiling that dog?

He is such a smarty dog. Now he knows that when he does his business he gets a treat. That's what the website i looked at said to make housetraining easier. Well, now that he knows he gets a treat whenever he is a good dog, he barks to tell me. Sort of a 'come see what i did' kind of bark. And then he runs to the kitchen and sits in front of the cupboard where the box of goodies is. Now if i can just get him to put the dishes in the dishwasher......

Tried to get a little slap and tickle from Master this afternoon, but He wasn't buying into that idea at all. So we just laid on the bed and talked. Well that is just barely almost as good.

Went to the bank this afternoon to get my ePIN number so i can make international transfers of money. Saw two camels in the street. How incredibly cool. Until i realized they are probably at this very minute roasting over an open fire on their way to being some Bedouin's wedding dinner. UGH! This would be one time i would be more than happy to have the men celebrate apart from the women. i can't even begin to think a camel burger would be good to eat.

Did my swim this morning. Not the complete mile. Am having goggle problems. Mine are leaking, i hate having water in my eyes.

Tomorrow, hmmm don't have a clue what i'm going to do tomorrow. A little laundry, a little swim. i am going to finish 10 pages tomorrow, i am i am i am i am i am i swear i am.
i have to meet with Jamal on Wednesday so i better by god have something to show him. In'sha'la


Jun. 15th, 2002 08:39 pm
Master worked out in the desert sun for 4 hours today. He came home whipped, (no pun intended). I helped him peel out of his uniform, I don't know what the person was thinking who decided that navy blue polyester jumpsuits were suitable for summer in the desert. He took a quick shower and then I brought Him His sandwich. I worry about Him in the sun.

Daughter is reserving a car for me when I get to her house. It's a bit expensive, but I won't be returning it to the place I rented it. I don't know what kind it is but it will have 4 doors and a/c. That's most important.

Master is talking with at least two other women online. One is a young girl, just in college. She asked Him if He thought she would be a good slave. He told her she should experience all kinds of life before committing to one. Good for Him. I don't know what He is telling the other.

In the beginning I was a bit upset at the thought of Him talking with other women on the computer. But I got over it. I feel pretty comfortable with how He feels about me. Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm the best game in town. And that's where He is, in town. I feel secure.

Master took the dog out for a walk on the beach today. It's amazing, Max can run in reverse just as fast as he runs forward. He was pretty brave when the waves were going out, but as they came back in he put himself in reverse and moved fast. Then Max came home and pee'ed in the kitchen. That dog is dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to housetraining.

I could take him out for an hour and he won't do a thing, but get him in the house near the balcony door and he just lets loose. The little toad. I got smart. I put a large piece of plastic in front of the door. Now at least the carpet won't be ruined.

Did my mile swim today. Then took some rays and read a bit. Then came back upstairs and did the house work. i'm repeating myself, so I guess it's time to stop for the night.
i could sit outside with Max for 23 hours and he wouldn't do a thing but sniff around and sit and look cute. But take him in the house for 3 minutes after that 23 hours and he pees and poops like there is no tomorrow. What is going on with this dog? So i get on the internet and find several articles that say the same thing about house training a puppy. This morning, of course, he messes in his kennel. i think he did that just to tick me off. I take him out anyway, for 10 minutes, like the articles say and then put him back in the kennel when we came in. Fifteen minutes later i take him out again for 10 minutes. Nada, nuttin, zip, zilch no thing hapens. Bring him in, kennel him, and wait 25 minutes. Out again, nothing again, in again, kennel again. Master says He'll do it this time. 15 minutes, He takes Max out, Max pees. Damn dog.!!! Master comes in, all happy and smiley telling me what a good dog Max is. Aha, sez i, but did he poop? No. Well then, sez i, You had better get the balcony door open or there is going to be a mess. And i was right.

The gist of it is, the dog does for Him, but not for me. i'm the one who plays with him, who feeds him and makes sure he has water. i'm the one who snuggles him and tells him what a good dog he is, and he poops and pees for Master. Now i ask ya, is that fair?

We went shopping for him. Of course. Got a new expandable lead for him, a brush to keep him shiny, some shampoo, although i don't expect we will use it much. i'm from the school that if the dog is healthy it doesn't need to be bathed very often, and some 'doggie aftershave' classic sport scent. OK, ok, so shoot me for a fool. i don't care.

i've been thinking about that color test thing. i'm a blue. One of the things that disturbed me about that is whoever wrote up the test believes that blues are the most controlling personalities. That bothered me. What did it mean? i wondered if i was not being honest in my answers. i took it again. i'm blue again.

All week long i've been thinking about this. Wondering how i could be slave and have a controlling personality. Then, i had an epiphany. It is a testament to Master that i am blue and so completely controled by Him. He has dominated me completley. Now my world is good again. His dominance is what i need to give up control. My personality may be to control, but because of Him, i am able to give it up. i think that is pretty cool.

This may connect with my thoughts on not being BDSM as is often discussed in the lists i read. We have a Master/slave relationship. He dominates me. He keeps me in my place. He helps me learn about myself and expand my horizons. i trust Him totally. i know i can live without His help, but why would i want that? Our lives are good together. i am good for Him, and He is good for me. We complete each other. And that is as it should be. That is why we are so good together.

He says maybe we aren't soul mates. The dictionary defines soul mate as one who is tempermentally suited to another. He says He knows He has some eccentricities that fluster me. He said that with a laugh, but then He said for the most part we are. i don't know if i like that or not. Sometimes i think i shouldn't ask questions i might not like that answer to.

One last doggie post. No messes in the house today. We are making progress.
We got to play a bit today. Something out of the norm. Not long but enough to hold me until the next time. i hope the next time is this weekend. My butt is quite tender. i think He used a ping pong paddle. Something new. It's been sitting around for ever, but i don't remember it ever being used.

Ok, now i know i can't multi-task. The phone rang and i clicked my journal entry and sent it out instead of hit the mute button on the radio. How dumb is that?

Took the puppy to the vet today. She was pleased at how he is filling out. He didn't even wince when she gave him the injection. No bath for five days, but i'm not a big believer in bathing dogs on a regular basis. Unless they need it, of course. He goes back in two weeks for the next round. He is so damned cute. Too bad we don't like him very much. He rides in the car like he was a born traveler. Tonight while we were eating he was playing with the drain cover. Not very smart, but cute. Enough about the puppy, you fool. Ok, i'm done for tonight.

i've decided i'm not going to do any work at all this week. Maybe next week either. i have to have chapter three done by July 9. i've got a good start on it, most of the readings are there, i just need to refine them and then do the exercises. So far this week i've had to go out every day. Tomorrow i won't have a car so i have to stay home. i need to go into the office on Wednesday and then next week get my ticket. Then the rest of the week i'm going to watch old movies. After that, i'll get down and boogy.

i'm done.
It doesn't do any good to put a puppy in a room with no windows. He will still wake up way way too early in your morning.

If a puppy is walking up the steps going into the building with its butt squinched tight, you can be sure that the minute you are not looking he will make the mess you took him outside to avoid having in the house.

Once a puppy has tasted 'human food' no matter if it was given from the table or put in the dish in the kitchen, that food is no longer considered for 'human consumption', by the puppy. It is for him.

A man who enjoys using whips and crops and rope and clamps and on humans, talks to a puppy like it was a small child.

A man who has absolutely no patience with things mechanical, electronic, or human has the patience of Job when it comes to caring for a puppy. (i like this.)

A puppy who can't hear you when you call or whistle any time during the daylight hours can hear your eyelids flutter in the early morning hours and begin to whimper, whine, and bark until you take it out to NOT go potty.

Puppies who are healthy smell heavenly.

Some puppies have really bad farts.

In Merriem-Webster online under the word intransigent it says 'think of a puppy and a bone.'

A sleeping puppy is truly a wonder of nature.

The amount of food a puppy eats has an inverse relationship to the amount it poops.

Watching a big man walking a small puppy is one of the joys of living.

A man walking naked in a house with a puppy is putting certain parts of His body in imminent danger.

Being allowed to be the protector of a puppy is another joy of living.
We discovered how he got here today. Actually Master got the story from one of the workers. Seems he's been floating around here about one week. The worker tried to feed him, but he wouldn't/couldn't eat. i imagine the man was trying to feed him hightly spiced food and Max's poor tummy couldn't handle it.

The man told Master an English man just set the puppy out in the empty lot in a box one day. i always thought Brits loved dogs. The man said Max is looking much better today. i know he was very week when we found him. He had hardly any meat on his bones and absolutely no energy. i do believe he was on his way to dying a slow and painful death by starvation.

When we first brought him up he was not very coordinated. He had great difficulty navigating the steps to the car park. He's still not coordinated, he can't seem to get everything moving in the same direction at the same time, but now it's because he is young, not because he is weak. And he may not do steps like a champion, but he is certainly a contender.

He is eating like a horse, and pooping like one too. i have trouble believing all that poop comes out of one little dog. Master weighed him today, he's 7.5 lbs. Not very much for his size. Tomorrow is his day at the vet. i'm sure the vet will give him a clean bill of health with the exception of worms. But those are treatable.

i'm hoping the vet will be able to tell us just how much shepherd is in him. He looks a little short in the body but that may be due to his age. He has such a nice temperment. He is going to be a love of a dog, if we can just get him house broken, TOMORROW.

i had the last of my meetings today. Two days of marathon meetings. The exam boards lasted from 9 to 1:30. The Faculty council lasted from 10 to 1. i really have to practice looking interested when bored to death. After the meeting i meet with VDAA. He gave me a bit of hope for the near future. The good news is we probably won't be moving until a year from now. The bad news is, he really can't tell me anything more than that for sure.

Master let me stay up to write this tonight. We went to a going away/end of semester party tonight. And it's late. i have to make a phone call tomorrow at 8 so i have to be in the office before 7:45. i thought the phone call was this morning, but i woke up at 5 today and thought, wait, that's not right. Then a quick meeting with Dr. S and lunch for the sec., techs, and cleaners. i think they think i'm an idiot for doing it, no other director does something like that, but it makes me feel good to be able to do it. And who knows, this one little kindness may pay me back some day. Think of it as a deposit in the kharma account.

i have to figure out how to put pictures in here. Max is a looker.
It started out like any one of a hundred other weekend mornings. He woke up early and came back to bed when i was ready to get up. i let Him sleep about an hour longer then woke Him up and made breakfast. i did a little laundry, cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, had an epiphany, but that's another story.

i asked Him if i could make a 'honey, do' list and He said yes. i did. He called about His car, yet another story, was told it won't be ready until tomorrow. He called E for a ride in the morning and decided we needed to get out of the house. So far, everything is normal.

He said door at 1:00. Ok by me, i went and got dressed. As usual, we found other things to do so we didn't get out of the door until nearly 1:30.

Rode the elevator down to the car park, stepped out, and there he was. We have a new member in our little family. i have no idea what it's parentage is, maybe part elephant and part Mack truck. He is black with tan feet, (the Mack truck gene) a scrawny little tail, there might be some rat in the gene pool, and ears that would make Dumbo jealous. His coat is short, it was dirty, but a bath works wonders. His manner is mild, i have a feeling his life on the street was not pleasant. He is young. He doesn't do steps well either up or down. He can't really walk and wag his tail at the same time but he looks so darned cute when he tries.

i didn't even have to beg Master. i do believe He was smitten almost before i was. Master kept making statements like " We won't buy him a collar just in case someone claims him when you walk him in the morning." We don't want to give him a name, he might not be with us very long." "It's not necessary to give him a bath, just yet." But then he decided i should stay home while He went out and got 'some things'. Master left, and puppy and i headed for the shower. We didn't even have anything to feed the poor toad.

i made some oatmeal, but he is a snooty little pup. He did drink the water i put down, but was not at all interested in the oats. After his shower i took him out on the balcony to dry him. He shivered some, then snuggled into the wet towel and began to do his best imitation of a purring cat.

He will not be a furniture dog. i think he will be too big. i put him on a pillow on the floor by my feet. He purred as he slept. Maybe he doesn't know he's a dog. Master got back with dog bowls, food, a collar and a lead. i do believe we have a dog. Master didn't get a kennel, He hadn't decided just how hi-class this dog is going to be. He said i could stop on my way home and pick one up.

It was tough, but we left puppy to go for a swim. Some men who work with Master and their kids were at the pool. We swam a bit, cooled off actually, and i came back to get dinner ready. Puppy got the kennel tonight. When i got back to the kitchen, it was a shambles. Puppy had tipped the water dish, left a mess (stinky and glue-y) in front of the dish washer, and was making enough noise to drown out the imam calling afternoon prayer at the mosque.

We got him a nice kennel. It is one we can use on an airplane. Master began to put it together while i took puppy out for a walk. He has to learn that between my legs may feel secure from the rest of the world, but is not the safest place if he values his tail at all. He sniffed around the empty lot, then we walked around the block. When we got back, Master was bleeding, and fast losing His patience. i helped Him put the kennel together, puppy slept. i went to get his pillow to put in the kennel, Master laid on the floor and taught puppy a new trick. Bang! play dead!. He does it really well.

We put him in the kennel and turned out the lights. He whimpered a bit, but soon settled down and went to sleep. i love how puppies smell.


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