i knew it was going to be a good day today when i travelled in the shadow of an airplane and it didn't fall on me. We are going to go to the desert again on Thursday. We're going to have a picnic. Master said He would invite some airforce people. That will be fun if they can come.

Tomorrow we are going to the "theata". The Kuwait Little Theater group is putting on a play and we are going. And we are going to order chinese before the play. Master put a head light and tail light on my bike today.

Tomorrow i'm going to start riding in the morning. Soon it will be too hot to ride after work, if i'm going to continue it will have to be in the morning when it is cool (ha!)

i got a nice big fat royalty check in the mail today. Being ever the good, sane, and sensible person, i took it to the bank right away. A nice chunck of change for summer. i really don't know what i would spend it on, it's not enough for a boat, and too much to spend on clothes. The bank is the right place for now.

Daughter is moving this weekend. i hope everything goes ok for them. Her SO is such a worrier, he doesn't seem to think the move is a good idea. They are going to a smaller community, he used to live there, and his sons and their families are there. They will be paying less for rent, they will be close to the center of the town and the kids. i'm excited for them.

Haven't heard from Son in awhile. i hope his new job is going ok. If we don't get moving on the cottage we won't get it. i'm a bit nervous about that.

Mother is getting ready to go to California tomorrow. i hope it does her good.

i'm not looking forward to going home this summer. There is so much change. Daughter's move, Sister's marriage. i don't much care for him, besides, sister won't be around for me, i'll have to share her with him. Selfish, i know, but that's how i feel. Funny, the dominance i admire in Master, i find boorish in him. Maybe if i knew this was the relationship, i could accept him better, who knows. He makes her happy, and in my heart of hearts i'm happy for her, but damn i miss her.

Mother's divorce. Now there's a story in itself. Maybe every female in my family is submissive. Is it genetic? Who would think i would be a product of a broken marriage? Good thing he was only a step. Good thing i am adult. My life can't be ruined by this.
i do suffer from it though. Mother is really depressed. i keep asking her what she wants to do this summer, i can't get her excited. i was sort of hoping we could have another adventure like on the train from LA to San Juan Capistrano. The porn star trip. To quote someone on the list... woohoo! Now i don't know what i'll do.

Still going to go to Chas to see woowoo, but that is all i know for sure. It's going to be a long time in the States if i don't find something else to do. Maybe i can get E to take a trip with me, but i doubt it. Don't know if she would leave her spousal unit for a week. DRAT!

This has been on my mind a lot lately. i don't want to go back this year. i don't i don't i don't. Nothing is going to be good. There is too much that has changed. This is the first time i've had these feelings. To top it off, the vacation is really long this year. i'm not going back to the states until after July 4, and coming back the first week of September. Even then i'll have three weeks before classes start.

i know it will be a self-fulling prophecy. If i don't expect to have fun, i won't. If i don't have fun i won't want to go back next summer either and it will just get worse and worse. Next summer is a study summer. Three weeks at home and the rest of the summer in an academic environment. i wonder if it is too late for this year. i'll have to check into it.

i'm suffering from the age old teacher disease. The semester is always three weeks too long. When i become queen of the world i'm never going to tell when the semester ends. Just one day, i'm going to walk into each classroom and say tomorrow is the last day. Teachers will love me, students will love and hate me, andi'll be the only one who suffers. Mabye i'll assign a vice-queen of the world and assign that particular duty to her. yea, that's the ticket, make her do it. yea!


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