Master went to summer hours today. He let me sleep in today. i got up just before He left for the base. i love the fact that He let me sleep in, but i don't like Him leaving before me. i like that we can walk down to the car park together. i like that He waits for me at the corner by the light so we can wave goodbye as i go right and He goes straight. i hate that He gets home before me. But today wasn't bad because He started the stew for dinner. We wanted to ride today, but sometimes it gets late and then i can't eat. And He made enough so we could freeze it for next monday too.

It hailed some in Shuweikh today. Didn't hail out in the desert, but it rained all over Kuwait today. When Master came home today about 1:45, the street lights were on. What a day, what a day. Weirder 'en all git out.

And it snowed in Iowa today. We have the a/c on and it snowed in Iowa today.
What a world we live in.


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