Worked on fisting again today.Now i think He knows why i had c-sections. We've been working on this for a very very long time it seems. i'm sure if we lived where we had play partners it would have happened a long time ago. Master says a woman would be able to do me by now. Master has wide hands. He wears a size 15 ring, i think. Multiply that by five and that's a wide hand.

He says we are taking to slow so nothing gets torn. That's a pleasant thought isn't it?
i want this. i want this very much, but i just can't relax. i have visions of finger nails scraping my insides. i have really gruesome thoughts that He will pull out a ton of fibroid tumors or some such thing. My head knows this is not going to happen, but my heart is winning this one. i'm very happy He's such a patient man. When He was bringing me back i remember Him telling me He was using His left hand because that was a bit smaller. Yea, right, the wedding ring fit on the left hand. i can't imagine the right one. Makes my clit tingle just thinking about it.

It was mist_w who lost the weight. 25 pounds in 2 months. argh! She said i could get in touch with her if i wanted some moral support. i might do that. i think she's the one who lives in Chas. If Dragon and dragonnette are still there, maybe we could even meet. If she is the one i'm thinking of. i think i'll send her a message. she did it on the fewer in more out method. i can't seem to keep having fewer go in.

On the up side, i did ride 7.5 km today. Was going to make it 10 but i told Master i wanted to ride for 25 minutes. i'm not as fast as i think i am i guess. As it was, i rode for nearly 25 minutes. He said He would take me out tomorrow too. He rode two laps. He has a few more problems than i have. He can't seem to find a comfortable place for the jewels. Either that, or He can't find a position for the seat to be in so He doesn't pinch the precious little things. And, the weather has been lousey the past week. His knees have really been bothering Him. He's played more softball than usual recently too. So it's not so important for Him to get more exercise. At least He's getting some. i, on the other hand, don't get any if i don't make myself do it.

i think i'll check with the faculty club about the times for the pool. i think it's so ridiculus to have the pool hours segregated. On the other hand, it will be nice to be able to swim and not have any of the professors see me in all my glory in my bathing suit. If i can find a time to swim when not too many other women are around and/or few kids, i'll try to swim there. Our pool is just too short. i spend most of my time turning. Oh well, if i didn't have something to pitch a fit about, i'd bitch about that.

S said she and M got the money i sent to help them move. Funny their initials together S/M....hmmm. i'm happy to be able to do it. Our lives were happy when they were young, but there were a lot of things i wanted them to have and they couldn't. Now i have the ability to help. i'd rather give them money now, while i can see what they do with it, than have it all go to them after i die and have no idea. i promised myself i would never tell them how to spend it or require that they tell me what they did with it. i'm glad one year i didn't give them money but bought them computers instead. i would certainly miss being able to talk with them like i do.

well, i hear the iron calling.


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