Master woke up with a hard on, snuggled up to me in bed, but didn't demand attention. i hate when He does that. i never know what i'm supposed to do, how to respond. Does He want me to take care of Him? Does He just want me to roll over and give Him the control? What? Finally i asked. "Do You want me to wake up?" He said no, He was going to get up, He would come back to me later. i was not to get out of bed until He came back in. Ha! It's the weekend, do You honestly think i'm going to get up any earlier than i have to? i rolled over and went back to sleep.

one hour later
i wake up. Have to pee, first one of the day, really bad. Master isn't here in bed with me. What to do, what to do. i wait a few. He still doesn't come in. Finally i sit up in bed and ask if i can use the toilet. "Yes, but go back to bed, I'll be there in a minute." Ha! again! i know Him and His minutes....a Kuwaiti minute....runs anywhere from 10 minutes American to 90 minutes. i go to the toilet, clean myself good to be prepared for Him, go back to bed and wait.

What do you know? It's somewhat more than a minute, but less than a Kuwaiti minute. He begins nibbling on the ear, down the neck, to the breast. i'm told to put my hands back, keep my legs apart. He sucks the nipple and immediately the sensation goes to the clit.

"Use your hands to caress your breasts."

i do.

"Touch your nipples, take the rings and stretch them the way I do."

i do.

He begins to spank my cunt. It is all i can do to control the urge to cum. He begins His discussion of what He plans for me.

" you know you will love it when I can show you off in front of a group of people. you know you will meet them at the door with a wet cunt. your juices will be running down your leg when i make you lay on the coffee table while I whip you. Maybe I will set you on the stool. Perhaps the other master's slave will be naked too, and go down on you. It will excite you, won't it, to have her see your new tag."

"Master may i cum?"

"Wait. Wait until I give you permission."

Five more swats, "Keep your thighs open. "
Another five, "Hands behind your back and keep those thighs wide, I said."

"Master i need to cum!"

"On my count! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 cum!

i do, wet and wriggly and noisey. He puts His hand over my mouth. The bedroom window is open, would be a bit unnerving to have to explain the screams of release to the workers outside.

He grabs my hair, pulls me over and shoves my face into His crotch.

"you can't cum again until I do. I want you to cum with me this time. I know one is not enough for you. Give me a whore suck"

His monologue again.

"I know you will enjoy showing what a good blow job you give. I know you will enjoy having me force you to deep throat my cock. Do it now, show me how good you are. Don't come up until I give you permission."

He shoves His cock deep into my throat. i can't breathe. He keeps it there and enjoys the spasms in my throat as i fight to keep conscious. At the very last instant He yanks my hair and pulls me off His cock. "Whore suck! you know you love it!"

Finally i can tell He is ready to cum. i prepare myself for His cock in my throat again. "Can you feel the cum going down your throat? I know you love the taste, but not today. I can see your toes are curled, are you cumming? I know you are."

He pulls me off His cock again. "Clean me good. Go wash your face, and fix my breakfast."
If you are good, I'll whip you this afternoon and use the belt. I will leave marks. I know uyou love that."


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