i lost my diamond tennis bracelet yesterday. i had a bad feeling when i put it on, and now it's gone. It was the first valuable thing i ever bought for myself for no reason. Actually there was a reason, it was to celebrate the first book. And to be part of my daughter's inheritance, and now it's gone.
i've been busy most all day today. Finally figured out how to make pictures small enough to put on my user page. i put up Max's picture from two weeks ago and realize it doesn't even look like him any more. i think he won't be as big as the other. Took Maxie to the vet today for his final injection. He also got his claws trimmed, and i got some vitamin powder for him. His ear is falling and the vet said he needs more calcium. So we shall see. The tin of powder should last until he's about 5 years old i think.

Then i took the manuscript into the office. Lynette will give it to Jamal while i'm gone. i asked her to call Jamal and tell him the stuff is there and when he has more to add, she can send it to me as an email. i hope he takes the hint and gets his act together and get some work done. i wanted to have the whole chapter finished by the time i left, but it just isn't going to happen. i'll have three weeks to finish it up before classes start in september.

Then i stopped over at K's apartment so she could meet the Max-ster and pick up the sewing machine she borrowed. It's still in the car, Master said He'd bring it up tonight. He has to because we will take my car to the airport in the morning.

i'm finishing up my laundry so i can finish packing before i go to bed tonight. i told Master i would put my towels and my last sundress in the washer tomorrow before we leave for the airport. He can take them out and put them in the dryer. i did all His uniforms so He won't have to worry about those till next week.

i showed the cleaning woman where the linens are so she can change the bed when she comes each time. And how to deal with Max while she's trying to clean. Sometimes he can be just too much help. But he is such a sweetie. i'm so glad Master let me have him.

i think Master wants a little play tonight. i hope. Just Him and me. i hope. It will be a long time between fun.

i am going to miss Him. i like waking up in the night and reaching over to touch Him. Sometimes i wake up and He is watching me. At first that was unnerving, but now i like it. i've never had someone watch me before Master.

One good thing about our separation will be the coming home. i think it might be fortunate for us that we do have these times apart. We have the time to regroup our spirits and goals and priorities. And then when we are together we are just like new again. This is a good thing.
but i'll miss His old toady butt.
i'm beginning to wonder why it is that everytime Master and i go out we end up bringing something home for the puppy. Today it was the supersized box of milk bone treats, some rawhide chew bars and a cedar chip pillow for his kennel. i don't remember spending this kind of money on a kid, ever.

Daghter and S.O. are at the doc's office right now. He has been suffering from a sore spot on his stomach and a low fever for the past four or five days. She finally called ask a nurse and they suggested he go see a doc, it could be a hernia. she is supposed to let me know as soon as they get back. The appointment was for 9:30, i thought they would be back by now, but they aren't. i hope it isn't anything serious. i'm not sure if he has insurance or not.

Not much exciting today. i should be thinking about packing or at least finding my bags but i'm holding off till sunday. Why rush these things? is what i say. Most everything is easy to do. i know what i'm going to take. i just have to throw it in the bag.

We were invited out for dinner tonight. New neighbors in the complex. He works out in the desert with Master and they play ball together. He's married to a Philippna and they have a small boy. They just moved into the apartment last week but it looks pretty all set to right. Amazing. We've been here three and one half years and Master still can't seem to get all His tools put away.

Master is taking Sunday off to spend with me before i leave on Monday morning. That pleases me. i know i have to go home. i want to go home. i dread going home because i miss Master so much. We get to talk nearly every daybut it's absolutely not the same. i miss His touch and His smell. The only good thing about the trip is when it is half over i can look forward to coming back. And that makes it worth the effort.

i got to talk to Son tonight. That makes me feel good. We don't get to talk nearly as much as Daughter and i do. i'm very lucky in that i would like my kids even if they weren't related to me. My kids are good in spite of having me for their mother.


Jul. 2nd, 2002 07:38 pm
i have six days before i leave for home. Daughter's s.o. is ill, low fever, sore throat, achey. i hope he's better before i get there. It's hot and humid and miserable in iowa right now. Not a good time to be feverish.

We took the dog out to the Kuwait National Forest, (this is a joke, believe me) for a romp today. He had a great time sniffing and playing with an old plastic water bottle. Go figure. Then he tried to swim in his water dish. Such a dumb dog but so much fun to watch and play with. The problem with taking him out is that he gets so wound up. He is getting bigger all the time. Right now he's in the kennel because he couldn't settle down. He needs some quiet time. Poor little toad.

Master said i shouldn't make any plans for Thursday. It will be our last training day for 7 weeks. i'm sure He will have something planned for the first day i'm home. i wonder what He has planned for Thursday? i'm sure it will be something memorable.

i must be the most boring person in the world lately. i don't have anything interesting going on in my life. Should be interesting when i get back to the land of my birth.
i'm seriously in a rut. i have asked Master for the car tomorrow so i can get out and do something. My civil i.d. is ready so i'm going to the office to get it. Then maybe find someone to go out to lunch with. Then i have to figure out how to finish the unit i'm working on.

Master and i went for a swim again today. i always feel so much better after i exercise. And i love how He feels.

i think i don't have anything to say again. So this is all for tonight.
Worked on the book all morning. i've done as much as i can until i go to the office and get some more material. i won't do that until i get my new civil i.d. so Master is driving my car. i did forget to mend the curtain in the front room. Not mend really, put the solar curtain up so the front room stays cooler. i'll do it tomorrow, i won't have a car again.

Master and i went for a swim this afternoon. He and i were the only ones in the pool. We got to be goofy together. Got some sun and some exercise at the same time. But i broke a toenail. drat!

i worked so hard today i didn't even get my nappy time...waaa. Don't let Master know, He will tease me.

good night
i don't want to tempt the Fates, but some litlle, well not so little, four-legged, furry creature with big ears and feet, who shalll remain nameless, has not had an accident in the house all day today. But don't tell anybody.

This was a worthless day for me. i woke up with the dog, and fixed Master's breakfast and lunch, put a load of clothes in the washer and laid down and took a nap. Woke up and messed around the house a bit, and laid back down and took another nap. Then another one. And i'm still tired. i don't know what the problem is. Today isn't any different than yesterday, weather wise. i don't feel sick, but i am just about worthless.

i was thinking about this today while i was nodding off. i am a blue personality. i don't remember if i put this in my journal already or not. Blues are the most controlling persoanlities. So how come i am slave? It is a testament,i think to the dominance of Master. To the way He handles Himself, and how He treats me, that allows me to submit to Him. i am constantly reminded of His dominance, in everything He does.

i'm done.

i didn't even brush my teeth until after dinner tonight. yuck
The humidity came in last night. When i went to bed every window is the apartment was covered with moisture. When i got up this morning to walk the dog, i was dripping wet from the trip around the block. Poor dog could hardly wait to get to the water dish. This is one of the few times each year when window air conditioning units leave puddles on the ground. My bottle of water is sweating. Clothes hung outside take forever to dry. If you are unlucky enough to hang them in a shaded area, they will actually smell bad by the time they finally do get dry. All in all a miserable day.

Messed around a bit this morning. i pulled a muscle in my back from cumming so hard and long. Made the trip out today a bit shorter than expected. i guess we will do the marketing tomorrow. It was all i could do to get back into the apartment and get flat. Took a muscle relaxer so now i can at least move, but i still have a twinge of uncomfortable when i sit. i'm not sure swimming would help or hurt, so to err on the side of caution, i didn't go today. i was going to turn the mattress today, but that will also wait until tomorrow.

Tried to watch the 40th anniversary edition of Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton Cleopatra today, but it is just so boring. i fell asleep on the couch. Master turned off the dvd player and then took off my specs. When i woke up He began to tease me about not knowing who snored the loudest, me or doggie. He is such a mean toady butt sometimes.

Dog is so smart. He knows he gets a treat when he goes out to the right place. So now, just in case we don't notice that he has done this most special of deeds, he brings in a remnant and lays it at our feet. The odor doesn't take long to reach the nose. Puppy is so thoughtful. i hope to goodness he doesn't learn how to do that with his urine. Silly twit.

i wish i wasn't such a wouss about strangers. We got an invite to a party tonight, but i just can't do it. There would only be one other couple i know well enough to talk to. i would feel so uncomfortable. i guess the hitch in my git-a-long has some merit. It was a valid excuse not to go. Pretty soon people will stop asking us out. i can deal with medium sized groups in my own home, say 8-10, but i do much better with small groups, 4-6 including Master and me. i'm so very much like my mother in this regard. i wonder if i wasn't socialized very well as a child.

In all probability that is the truth. Most weekends during the school year, we were at the cottage, and all summers. i get along fine with my brother and sister. i just don't do strangers well. i don't think it's getting worse as i get older, but i know it isn't getting better. The weird thing is that i can walk into a classroom and do whatever it takes to get the students to want to acquire the knowledge i have to offer them. i would stand on my head if i thought that would be what it took. But in a social gathering, i'm nothing.
The original wall flower. Master is the social gadabout. He can talk to anybody about anything. People think i'm stuck up. If someone starts a conversation with me i am able to talk to them, but i couldn't initiate a conversation with a stranger to save my life. Fortunately my children didn't get that particular gene.

We had an extremely high high tide this morning and tonight we had a below sea level low tide. Now how could that happen?
i finally have my ticket for home. That doesn't guarantee that i'll not have any trouble when i get to the airport, but i have the ticket. i had a brainstorm. i just called the airline office. i asked to have my itinerary faxed to me, so when i go to the airport, Kuwait Airlines won't have any reason to give me grief. That doesn't mean i won't have baggage problems somewhere along the line, but at least if they try to blame it on me, i can say no way jose.Not my problem.

i made Master a proposition this morning. i asked if i could give Him the choice of a little playtime before work, after work, or both. i was kinda sorta hopin' for both, but He opted for the after work variety. i had a cold drink ready for Him, had a tepid bath drawn for Him, so He could cool down, put the dog in the kennel, and waited patiently. He came home on time, He took His bath, and then He wanted to practice breath play and piss play. i survived. i have a few tender places but i'll be ok.

Washed the red pillow cover today. Dog likes to use it as a throne. i don't know what is in the laundry detergent, but it certainly got him all riled up. i pulled it out of the dryer and put in back on the pillow, and he started going crazy. He's a bit calmer now, but still chewing on the corner. Stupid dog. Just like most young males, good to look at but dumber than a box of rocks.

Master walked the dog last night. Actually He does it at night all the time. But last night a Kuwaiti man stopped and asked Him if He wanted to sell the dog. The Kuwaiti raises shepherds, but all his are the tan and black. Master said Max performed beautifully. Max sat quietly beside Master while the Kuwaiti man petted him. The Kuwaiti sells his dogs for 300KD. The Kuwaiti told Master He had a really nice dog. And then when he left he took Master's hand and said it was nice to meet Him. Will wonders never cease?

i, on the other hand, walk the dog in the morning. i get the little cuties. The young Kuwaiti boys who think they are all studdly. The stop and call the dog and ask me all sorts of dumb questions like would i like to go for a ride with them. Or they just honk, i guess they've seen too many movies where the guy honks and the hooker walks over to the car window. Two questions come immediately to my mind. Do i honestly look like someone who would want to spend time with a toad? Do they really think they can just whistle and foreign women will come running to them? Arab men are so darned arrogant.

We had a wet spring, extremely wet. Now i'm suffering from the mould in the sand. if i stay in the house all day i'm fine. But as soon as i go outside for any length of time, i get all plugged up. Then i get a headache, and snore when i sleep. How embarrassing.
It's Monday. i was out with the dog this morning. On my way back up the steps to come in i looked through the archway to the front and across the street to the beach. And it struck me like a lightening bolt.

On Friday when i was out with the dog, there were some men on the beach. They all had disdashas on. i don't know how old and i don't remember how many, but they were making music with drums and dancing. At the time i thought how odd. But today as i was coming in, i wondered if they were doing some kind of ceremony as the official welcome to summer.

i was out with Max about 4:45. Sunrise was 4:49. By the time i got Master's lunch made and went in to wake Him, they were gone. That was before 5:15. i wonder. i asked Master this morning. i have no idea if there is any islamic celebration for summer. i guess i'll have to ask Suhare or Jamal. i wonder.
Today is the longest day of the year. The weather is pretty nice. Over 100, but no humidity. i'm trying to convince Master that we should take Max out for a walk tonight. Master's knee is giving Him some trouble today, so maybe we won't, but i think it would be sort of a homey thing to do. The walk has nothing to do with the longest day. It just seems like a nice "couple" thing to do. The old folks out walking the pooch. HA! Little do they know about this 'old folks'.

We are getting a freezer. Next week i think. i knew we were getting it, but i thought it would be later say in august. The place where it is going to go isn't ready for it. Master is a Libra. i know two libras who share my perversions. Master and Woowoo, and they are both pack rats. i have politely suggested that He might have to just pitch some things, but now i'm walking on eggshells. He doesn't take lightly to suggestions to pitch.

My nipples are still tender from yesterday. Today, just a bit ago, Master used the dog brush on my back. And thighs. And calves. And then He used His hand to spank me. No special reason. i was on the couch, He told me to roll over and began whailing on me. Tonight i think i will surprise Him and bathe Him and give Him His shave in full slut. Just to show Him how much i appreciate Him. Yea, that's the ticket. Yea.

i'm antsy today. Don't quite know why. i kept wanting to take doggolettie out for a romp, but it's just too hot right now for a black puppy to be playing out in the sun. And, since we don't have any shade to speak of, i can't. i didn't swim either. i think i hate Varna. Something i read in her journal, i think, got me hooked on block breaker. i haven't won one game, but i have been playing it constantly today. Stoopid stoopid game. i hate it.

Master went out to get sweet rolls for breakfast today. He brought back doggie doughnuts. He is spoiling that dog. Doggie doughnuts indeed. i know a doughnut hole when i see one. He can't fool me. i don't care if He convinced the girl behind the counter to write doggie doughnuts in red on the bag. Sometimes He thinks He can get away with anything. HA!

Now i know it's time to stop. i just got a long distance wrong number on my cell phone. hmmmmmm! Interestinger and interestinger. Who says my life is boring?
I'm being ouchie lately. I think it's because I'll be leaving Master soon. And I'm not looking forward to the scene I believe I'm going to make when I get there. I think I've said it before, but I miss my sister. I can't continue with this right now. It's too close to the surface. But it's not going to be a good summer. I can tell.

I got a letter from my cousin today. He and his wife are in Germany. He asked if they should expect a visit this summer. I would love to go. I've never been to Germany. I just don't know how I can manage it. I promised Master I'd stay here until after July 4. Daughter is expecting me July 9. Maybe I can swing it on the return trip. I can still leave on September 2, spend a couple days with them, then be back here by September 9. Maybe I can swing a visit during winter break. I have to do some serious thinking and quick.

Maybe I'm ouchie because I haven't been swimming for a couple days. Tomorrow I'm going to swim twice. Once in the morning, early and once in the afternoon. I have a backache. I've been really busy today. Made pickles, a red velvet cake, baked beans, got groceries, and played with puppy dog, Max. Maybe I need to do some sit-ups as warm up before swimming. Try to get some strength in my back muscles.

Dog is getting better. We have him pooping on the balcony and peeing in the kitchen drain. Why won't he go outside? Maybe I should put blinders on him. There is just too much sensory stimulation when he's out. All the westerners have to stop and admire him, and all the TCNs run. The cats aren't afraid of him, and he thinks birds are the greatest invention since dog food. Or maybe they are dog food.

My 35th class reunion is this summer. My best friend convinced me that I should go. I sent in my money. She and her spousal unit will be going with. I hate crowds. I am very uncomfortable in large groups. She is sending me threatening letters. We have been friends since the 7th grade. That is amazing I think. Another amazing thing is that we can pick up right where we left off each year. I love her. She is such a good friend.

I'm fortunate. I have two others like that. My sister is one, although I am feeling estranged from her since she's married. I know it's my doing, but I don't adjust to change very well, and now that she has someone is her life, there is not as much room for me. It hurts. I think spiteful things. I know I'm acting like a spoiled kid. I know I'm cutting off my nose to spite my face. I also know I won't do anything to hurt our relationship. She is too precious to me. But I miss her. Damn, I miss her
The first week of my vacation is over and i don't even feel like i've been off work at all. i went into the office twice this week and the other days i had to be out at least part of the time. i'm a nester. i like to be at home. i don't particularly need to be with people to be happy.

This is the first week in a long time i've had the opportunity to cook the evening meal every night. And Master has had fresh sandwiches for His lunch. The laundry has been kept up and put away. It's cool. i could live like this. i couldn't even think of a reason for us to go out for dinner tonight. We usually do that on the weekend, but not tonight.
And, as far as i know, we have nothing in the works for tomorrow night either.

Went to work today. Got a little bit done on Chapter three. Fortunately this book has only seven units. One, two, and four are nearly done. i'll have three finished before i go back to the states. i'm not too worried about it. i know i work best in crisis mode. Well, minor crisis mode.

Got an unexpected gift today. The Arab Journal of Humanities gave me another check. With that i shouldn't have to take any more money out of the bank until i go home. i like the extra work. i learn lots of interesting things reading what others write. Although i must admit that sometimes trying to make sense of second language academic English can be a hair puller. On the other hand. i'm getting great stuff for my book on blunders.
Daughter is looking into car rental for me. i really don't want one the whole time i'm home. i can use Mother's car when i'm with her, but when i'm with Daughter it's nice to have one. Since they can't drive it is nice if i can have transport. That way we can do some things while i'm with them. i can drive it home and turn it into the airport there. Then when i want to go to South Carolina, i can rent again.

No more iron to call me. Yea, right, now i have poochie.
Well, i almost have my ticket home. i spent 3 1/2 hrs. at the airline office while the person tried to figure out how to get me there. i kept telling him it wasn't a big deal, just send me the same route i went last year. Yea, but this year i can't do it. Have no clue what changed in the past 12 months, but i can't get home.

Oh i could, but i would have to go through Chicago and then down to St. Louis, and then home to Iowa. That's like going to Dallas from Alaska by way of Detroit. Makes no sense at all. But i finally convinced him that a ticket to my daughter's town would be just as good for me. At first he wasn't buying it. Then he wanted to know if i was close to Omaha, not bloody likely. Or Souix Falls, N. Dakota Ha!

Gad it was humid today. i went out to walk doggolettie and when i left the building it hit me full force in the face. It nearly took my breath away. And of course the dog had all kinds of interesting stuff to sniff, while i sweat to death. It didn't seem so bad when i went to the ticket office. But when Master and i went down to swim this afternoon, i got the same feeling of breathlessness.

i swam my mile, Master counted the laps. i wonder why He doesn't have to do laps? Somehow there is something not quite right with this picture. He just floats around, drinks His tea, goes to the shallow end and makes like a gator. What am i doing wrong?

i'm trying to rent a car from here for the week i'm with Daughter. Not the most frustrating thing i have ever done, but pretty darned close. gad i hate computers. Am having daughter see what she can find out by calling in Iowa. i need to check on insurance too. i think my credit card supplies insurance for car rentals, but i don't know.

i tell Him this every day, many times a day...my life is good, i am completely happy with Master.
By this time tomorrow i will be officially on summer vacation. this has been about the longest week of the year. i have been anticipating Wednesday for what seems to be 187 days this week, and i know that's not true. All i can say is, it's about time!

Max went to the vet yesterday. He has worms, we knew that. One dose last night, another in five days, back to the vet next Monday. i will be on vacation then, so i can take him by myself. He rides well in the car. Tomorrow he is going with me to the office. i have a few things left to do and clean off my desk, and then .....drat, i have to go back at least once a week until i leave for the States.

i wonder how the weekend morning will be. If dogglett keeps being an early waker, it will be a bit more work before the play. i hope Maxie gets used to it. i suppose i can take him out for a walk, go for my swim and then come back and slip in bed with Master again. Might not be as spontaneous as i would appreciate, but any snuggle time with Master is worth it.

i got my annual statement for my portfolio today. i've lost over 4500$ in the market this year. i guess it's a good thing i'm not planning on using any of that in the near future. Boris said the market will recover, but at least one of mine probably won't start recovering for about 18 months.

i guess i don't realize how lucky i really am. One of the teachers, about 10 years younger than i am is looking at a hysterectomy. She is alone in this country. She has the national health insurance but she's not excited about having the procedure here. i don't think it's that she doesn't trust the surgeons. It's more that she realizes that the system here is much different than in the states and she may not be comfortable with it. The hospitals are set up for families to care the patient and she has no one here to help her. i told her not to worry. i will be here until the first part of july so i can help her.

She needs this like she needs another hole in her head. She had the year from hell this year, and the semester ended in Dante's ninth ring i think. She is trying to get international insurance, but i wonder if she can be accepted because of the codition. It might be considered a pre-existing condition. If the company would take her, it might take time to get all set up and enrolled. That may take more time than she feels she can afford.

My life is good.
Has been running through my sleep. That is only mildly better than Little Shop! Little Shop of Horrors! We went to the Kuwait Little Theater last night, opening night of Little Shop of Horrors. i am always amazed when a small group of people, in the case less than 15 actors, have the courage/nerve/chutzpah to put on a production like that. We didn't realize it was opening night, but on the way home i was looking at the program. That answers a lot of questions. The KLT is only a small group of thespians, but generally their productions are of a better quality than what i saw last night.When i realized it was opening night i felt better about it.

One of the characters was played by a man who works at the same air base as Master. We talked about maybe getting in on the set construction end of the group or something like that. Something to do during the school year. And a way to meet people. i have nice ideas, but i'm not a very good people meet-er. i won't go unless Master goes. In another life i was a professional costume builder.

i'm having mild panic attacks. i'm sure that's not what they really are. i have bitten off a big piece for the unit and now i'm having people drop from the project like flies. i know i can get it done on my own, but it would be easier and more fun if we would work on it as a group. There would probably be less complaining if everyone were involved, too. This is still part of the semester even though there are no classes. i could require that everyone be in their office for the next 7 working days, but what would that get me? Oh well, those who don't contribute will see no financial reward, it's just that simple. i keep trying to find someone at this place who knows what he/she is talking about when it comes to community service/scholarly work. As with everything else in this country, no one is willing to take responsibility in case they make a wrong statement. Bah!

i have paid all my bills for the summer. Well almost all. i have to take out rent money for the next four months and give it to Master. i have already calculated that into my stash for the summer. i have no plans for the kids. i wanted to give them a family vacation, but that doesn't seem to be working out. Mother is stalling me when i ask her what she would like to do. The 'rent-a-car-and-drive-to-Charleston' idea is looking gooder and gooder to me. i've been doing some internet research on car rentals, they seem a bit expensive, but maybe i can find a better deal when i get back.

Last night was a nice evening. We had a light meal before the play. As we were getting ready to leave i happened to look out the front room window. Last night must have been one of the lowest low tides of the season. i'm not sure how this tide thing works. i know there are two low and two high tides a day. And i know the moon has a great deal to do with them. i think the time of year does also. i wonder if the equinoxes are a part of the highetst/lowest tides of the year. i imagine so.

Anyway, i looked out the front window and couldn't help but laff. The other night as we were sitting out eating dinner, Master made the comment that He wished someone would drive off the end of the stickie-out part of the beach and get stuck in high tide. Be careful what you wish for. i looked out and there was a Japanese four-wheel drive jeep kind of car stuck on the sand bar up to its front right axel in wet, lowtide guck.

i have no idea the thought processes of some people. If it looks wet and squishy and is surrounded by a lot of water, what would make anyone believe that it would support the weight of a 2 thousand pound car? i ran and got the camera for Master and we took off in a big hurry to try to get a picture of the foolishness. The tow truck was there, i could see the Syrian guy scratching his head trying to make sense of the situation. Unfortunately by the time we got over to the beach, the jeep was on the last leg of the journey out of the ocean. It appeared that the Syrian tow truck driver had snaked together several chains to make one long enough to reach the car. Drat!

We almost thought our luck was going to hold because the driver of the car couldn't figure out how to get back up the beach onto the hardpack. He backed nearly into the water again. i had the camera ready to snap the pic, and told Master to have His foot on the gas. Even an idiot doesn't like to have evidence of his mistake. Unfortunately for us, fortunate for him, he made it up the incline. It was an interesting sight while it lasted.

Then on to the play. After, Master waived the no food after 7 rule. It was such a special night He decided i could have an ice cream. Wonder of wonders, the new Dairy Queen is finally open. This is way to convenient, but oh so good.

A perfect night was ruined by a phone call at 11. One of the men who works for Master out at the air base called to say he had just received a phone call from the office telling him he had to report to IAB in the morning. He has been transferred. Now this man doesn't want to go, and there are two others who are interested in the position. It is open because the company is too cheap to pay the guy who is already doing the work a measly 100$ more a month. The man who is being sent over to do the job is not qualified, doesn't want to do it, and is going in to work today at 7:30 a.m.after working until 11 pm last night. That sucks. It's tactics like this that make me wonder just how much longer Master is going to be willing to stay here.

Got an email from M. She arrived home safe and sound. She says a lot has changed in the last year. Security at both O'Hare and the St. Louis airport is much tighter. Go figger. She had to take off her shoes and have them checked. Will we ever feel safe again?

OH the joy

May. 24th, 2002 09:29 pm
That is written with tongue firmly planted within my cheek. Three of my teachers had the FoM final exam yesterday. i have heard from two of them, both so frustrated with what went on and the shit they have to work with that murder is on both their minds. The third is the one i wrote up, and i'm pretty sure murder is on her mind as well, it's just that the victim is different. Enough of that nonsense. There are two more weeks left in the semester, they have one more day to deal with the fuckheads over there, and then three days to placate the poor students and then done is done.

Today was a lazy day. i cleaned the toy room, i have yet to put the insertion toys away. They needed scrubbing. i found a knife. Master says He used it yesterday. i don't know, but why would He lie?

We went for a swim today, i got some color on my body. i am now probably as tanned as i have ever been in the passed five years. Which is not saying much. i am going to try to get Master to swim with me in the morning, but i don't know if it will work.

Tomorrow is a sheera day. He will take me and wait. It's very uncomfortable for me to drive home after sheera. i'm all sticky, and now that it's hot, it's a melty sticky feeling. Quite yucky. Actually, i imagine i'll be the one waiting, He will find something He can do while i'm in the shop. i'll get done, and have to wait for Him. i don't mind, if i don't have to drive.

Talked with all two both of my offspring tonight. Didn't get much time with number one son, the phone rang, but number one daughter and i had a good gab.

Since this is my second post for today i'm making it short.
i've decided that the auto accident i was in when i was 16 gave me a whiplash injury, that manifests itself whenever i have too much stress/tension in my life. i'm not sure what is stressing me out, but my shoulder is moving noticeably closer to my ear as i right. i have pain across the top of my shoulder up my neck and into my skull. i don't have a cervical collar here to help push it down. i think i'm going to have to go see a doc about this. i'm going to give it until next monday and then i'm calling a doc. i hate that. i don't want to, i don't i don't i don't.

Emerson will be home tomorrow night. i'm not going to take a cab to work again, tomorrow i'm going to do a 'work at home' day. i've got my list all written down. i brought work home. i'm cooking. If it is so humid again in the morning, i'm swimming again, not biking. Or, maybe i'll do both, but i doubt it. i'm not sure i'm up to that yet, but we shall see.

Everybody got their flowers. Got messages from all that they had been delivered. Mom even sent a picture. Woowoo is getting married. Kewel. Her master asked her and she said yes. i'm very happy about this. Unfortunately it won't happen when i'm there in august. drat! drat! drat!

Summer money will come next week. Need to make some financial plans. How much to take home, how much to stash here, how much in the offshore account. Offshore account, sounds so very terribly snooty.

Am not sure but am thinking the VDAA is hitting on me. He keeps bringing the conversation around to the fact that his wife is on sabbatical and how he misses her. Of course i could be reading this all wrong. He may simply miss his wife, but that is not the gut feeling i get. Am not going to say anything to anybody about this just yet. i think i'll see what transpires between now and the end of the semester. If it comes back in September that i have this feeling still, i'm still not sure what i'll be doing. i think wife will be back in September, but i'm not sure. Maybe he just likes talking to me. Who knows?

i can remember a time when baseball was the summer sport, football was the autumn sport, and basketball was the winter sport. What is this with the NBA? The championship will be over just about 27 minutes before the new season starts. What's the deal?

Sister and her spousal unit are going to London in a few weeks.Going to take the chunnel for a day trip to Paris. Wonder if she will ever tell me about it?

i seem to be having this passive/aggressive, with myself, anger still about what i perceive has happened between her and me. i wonder how i will deal with it when i finally see her this summer. Told daughter it is only 52 days till i get back to the land o'my birth.

The water weight is gone. i have to drink more water more regularly. i have to.

don't have the iron as an excuse tonight. i'm just going to be off.
Well let me see, what exciting things happened today? The resit exam for the HSC course was another clusterfuck. One of the student's mother called JH and hinted around at 'help' on the last essay, then when that didn't pan out, she hinted around at help on the exam. JH said no, that wasn't possible, then mother hung up and called her again at 6:45 a.m. in the morning. What an evil woman that mother is. She came to the test and sat outside the daughter's room. She followed KG out to her car after the exam. The woman is certifiable. i called the VDSA and spoke to him about the problem. He is going to talk to the girl tomorrow, and tell her that she is the student and not the mother, and the mother is not to come to any offices again. Like that is going to do any good. There is a certain level of arab woman who will use threats and bribery to get what she wants. This woman wants her daughter to be a doctor. i hope i never get sick in this country. The mother will do anything to keep her daughter in school, including blackmail. What kind of place is this? You aren't in Kansas anymore ToTo.

Took Emerson in for a check up. There are all sorts of liquids leaking from underneath. It's a good thing i really love that car, because it is costing me a small fortune to get him all repaired. And two days. But that's ok, i'm going to take a 'working at home' day on Monday. The university owes me one day anyway. i'm hoping this will be the end of it. Emerson will be all good to go for a long time. i'm hoping until i leave Kuwait. i got so lucky with this car. i love it, and it's a safe and dependable make. i don't want to tempt the fates. i'm not sure i'd be so lucky again, so i keep talking nice and taking good care of him.

The new bed came tonight. They set it up in about 38 seconds. It looks all nice and innocent for M when she stays her last night in Kuwait. After that it is MY dungeon bed. Yippee Skippy! The horse will be put together again. the eyebolts in the doorway. Toys out and neatly displayed. And all the acoutrement. Of course it will have to be locked on Sundays and Wednesdays while we are out, but that is a do-able thing. i'm so excited i can hardly stay in my skin.

The $64,000 question. What is the name of the movie which starred Audry Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine. James Garner had a role in it. The Children's Hour. Two women accused of a lesbian relationship. 1961. Hour of research on the net.. Caught the tail end of it on the MGM station. Stupid station, cut the movie right at the credits.

Am adding a new component to my exercise regimine. Tomorrow morning i'm going to start swimming in the morning. Going to alternate between biking and swimming. i have to take a cab to work tomorrow so i will have time to get my hair dry and curled before i leave. Best thing about this plan for tomorrow? i can snooze in the cab on the way to campus.

Daughter and daughter-in-law got their flowers. Haven't heard if the mother has. Am not going to let it bother me.

i need to iron.
Today, something happened that hasn't happened for years. Master woke me wanting sex this morning. Of course i complied, but i didn't want to. i wanted to sleep. Then, when we were finished, and He said i could go back to sleep, i couldn't. He woke me from a deep sleep dead deep, and i just couldn't get my mind in the right place.

i ordered flowers for Mom and Daughter and Daughter-in-Law for Mother's Day. i started before Master got up. Then He said He wanted waffles for breakfast and the computer began to misbehave. The service became so slow, i could have walked the order to the florist. Master wanted breakfast, my computer had to go into the shop first thing in the morning, and i had procrastinated ordering the flowers to the last minute. i went into the kitchen to mix the waffle batter, and then tried the net again. Master quietly went in and made the waffles. He is very nice to me.

We took the computer in, they said done at 5, promise. We headed out to Ikea, to look for a new bed for the play room. Then we decided to try Landmark first, Master knew Ikea has something He likes, but we thought we would check Landmark just in case. In the end, we bought a new bed and mattress at Landmark. Also some cushions for the chairs on the balcony.

Then down the 40 to see the new traffic accidents. But wait, as long as we are in the neighborhood, why don't we stop by the bank and see if my new credit card is in. Ok, and Emerson needs gas, ok, we can do that at 4th Ring Road before we go to the bank. And at the bank i can get money to pay for the computer. yea, yea, that's the ticket.

Missed the 50, Master was making fun of me. i forget what, but He was about 7 for 7 today with tricking me. Got to the bank. Wonder of wonders it was truly an in and out deal. New credit card, whole bunch of new money right?

Got gas, laffed at the arrogant bastard who thought he knew so much and pulled up to a pump that wasn't working. Just for spite Master pulled away from the pump slowly so the car behind could pull in and not the arrogant ass who was ahead. Not nice, i know, but sometimes one has to do what one has to do.

Toolin' along the 60, headed for the 50 to see a truck wreck. Master says, do you need to stop at the bank right by the wreck? sez i, no. We marvel at the wreck, make up stories about how it could have happened, and head for home. OH SHIT! i forgot to get money for the computer. Be quiet, please Master, sez i. He looks at me and laffs. i turn red. Oh well, 8 for 8 today. Must be a bad biorythm day.

We stop for lunch and a potty break. Make a grocery list and decide to do the shopping as long as we had to stop for veggies for stir fry. There is a bank machine at the market. So Ha! i got my money without the hassle of the bank in town.

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. Master said i could watch a movie in the living room. i love to do that. Clean house, all the work done, chill on the couch with a movie. Mystic Pizza. i taught with Annabeth Gish's dad in Iowa. Love that movie, wish i could watch all of it once. i snoozed through the middle 45 min.

Went in to surprise Master, the surprise is on me. He's snoozin' too. He told me to come to bed and be beside Him. And then it hit me again. i had to have sex. Maybe it was a make-up for the lack of enthusiasm this morning, i don't know. i was on Master like a tent. He good naturedly let me have my way. And when He was done, i needed more. He let me use the vibrator. i scared myself at the intensity of my need. i frightened myself at the length of the orgasm. i ache all over still and it's been nearly 6 hrs. Master said i went rigid all over. Think it unnerved Him a bit.

Called, the computer is ready. Be right there. Got dressed and headed for the computer store. Master said stay in the car, it will be an in and out deal. 55 minutes later He comes out with my mouse. The computer isn't ready. Oder pizza to be picked up on the way home, there is not enough time before 7 for me to fix a meal and eat it. Master comes out in 10 minutes. The computer will be done at 7:30, promise but please call before you come in.

It's done. The DVD player is killer. The female mouse (ball-less) still doesn't have the right drivers loaded. Master is going to mess tomorrow. An hour's ride is on the agenda, clean the play room, finish the laundry, stir fry that was for tonight, tomorrow, maybe?

Time for a bath and bed.


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