i convinced Master that we should take a take a trip to the desert with the telescope to look at the night sky. He said we could, so i packed some fruit and nuts for us, water for me, and some cokes for Him. He put the canvas chairs the trunk and i took apart the telescope and set it in the back seat. i went back upstairs and got dressed for night time in the desert. From previous experiences in the desert at night, i knew to wear plenty of clothes. i had on an undershirt, a blouse, and then a sweater. i wore jeans and long johns and sox and hiking boots. i got His jacket and hat and gloves and mine and we were ready to go.

We had often talked about the night sky in the desert. If we could get far enough away from the cities, i knew it would be beautiful. We started late in the afternoon, about 3:30 on Friday. We drove out passed Jahra, the last city in Kuwait, along the ridge that separates Kuwait from Iraq, passed the Kuwait National Park. We drove passed the camps the Arabs build in the winter to get back to their nomadic roots. i sincerely doubt the nomads had electric generators to run their satellite dishes that are on trailers attached to Land Rovers or Beemers or Benz'. I guess it's the same here as in the States. Nowadays, everyone wants to get away from everything by taking it all with them.

The roads in the desert were crowded and dirty. It hurt my eyes and my heart to see the trash beside the road. In the summer, when the sun is very hot, it doesn't take long for an animal to decompose and the plastic bags that last for 100 years in the landscape in Iowa are gone in a month in the dead of a Kuwait summer. In the mild winter months it is another story. Plastic blows up against the chain link fences that surround the oil fields and military zones. Sometimes the bags are so thick against the fence it looks like a solid multi-colored wall as you drive by.

In the summer the dead animals disappear rapidly. Almost too fast to create a smell. In the winter mounts the decomposition is slower and in some places the windows have to be rolled up to or the stench is overwhelming. I haven't decided if the majority of the camels and goats conveniently die by the roadside or if the Bedouins drag them there in the hope that a garbage truck will pick the carcasses up. If that is the case, i believe they are thinking wishfully because i've seen carcasses in all stages of decay. i don't believe they are ever picked up. i have had another thought. Maybe the campers drag the carcass to the road to get the smell away from their tent cities.

As we drove on passed the power plant and the American military base, the crowds and congestion became less and less. We went on to Bubiyan, the largest of the nine islands of Kuwait. Master hadn't been there since right after the war. He said most of the damage is still from the war. We didn't go far into the island because just about 2 km from the bridge is a military gate. Crossing the bridge was a weird feeling. There aren't many bridges in Kuwait and certainly no other bridge over water, unless there has been a rain storm. We turned back and drove another 30 km into the desert. Still closer to Iraq, but on paved roads.

Eventually, Master pulled off the pavement and followed a pard pack trail over some dunes and into the peace and quiet. By this time it was nearly 5:30. It seems the closer you get to the equator, the faster darkness falls. Even in the summer, there is very little dusk. The sun goes down and it is dark. We quickly set up the telescope in the remaining light. After it gets dark you can still see the desert and if the moon is bright you can see the small animals who live there at night. But dark is dark and not a good time to try to put something together.

Then Master got mysterious. He told me to get out a chair, put it at the front of the car and sit in it. He had that tone in His voice so i knew not to question. He went to the back of Emerson and opened the trunk. He took something out and came back to where i was sitting. He covered my eyes with the blindfold. He told me to open my mouth and i felt the ball of the gag slip in. He walked away, i could hear His footsteps on the sand. A minute later He returned. He took my ands and silently helped me stand. He pulled my arms you in front of me, put my wrists together and indicated i should hold them there. The next thing i felt was one metal cuff being locked onto my wrist. He led me to the side of the car and i felt myself being handcuffed to the door handle. By this time i was well beyond nervous, but not afraid. He silently indicated that i should bend at the waist and back away from the car.

i felt His hands pull my shirts out of my jeans and then pull them up over my head. then he opened the hooks on my bra and slid it off my breasts so that they hung free. Next He reached around and unsnapped and unzipped my jeans. He slid them down to below my knees, effectively binding me and preventing me from moving away from Him. He rudely spread my thighs as far apart as they could go. He leaned over and kissed the small of my back while He fingered my cunt. He rudely remarked what a slut i was and wondered how much i'd enjoy sitting in the cold with wet thighs and cunt.

Then all got still. He didn't touch me. i couldn't hear His breathing. i didn't hear Him walk away, but i knew He was no longer behind me. In my heart, i knew he wouldn't leave me alone like this but in the dark in the desert my mind was racing. i began to whimper and shiver from nerves and excitement. My nipples were painfully hard from the cold and excitement and fear of not knowing what was coming next.

Then i felt His presence again. And, then, i heard it. The crack of the 6' whip. Many times Master had told me how He intended to take me to the desert and whip me. Tonight was to be the night. Master had played around with the whip in the toy room, but there isn't enough space to really let go. Tonight He had to whole desert to work in.

Crack! the whip snapped passed my left ear. Crack! it flew by my right ear. He struck so close i could feel the air move. Crack! Again! This time on my butt. First the left side, then the right. Then passed my ear again, then in the dirt at my feet. i never knew where or when the tail of the whip would land next There was no rhythm or method to this whipping. Sometimes He hit my ass. Sometimes He hit my thighs. Sometimes He whipped my shoulders. Sometimes the whip cracked in the air or hit the dirt. i don't know which excited me more, the uncertainty of His actions or the beautiful pain from the bite of the whip.

After a time, everything in my world became more sensual. The breeze from the whip whistled passed my ear. It wasn't any louder, but it was like crystal in its clarity. The sting of the whip when it landed on my flesh. The pain wasn't any deeper or intense, but i could feel and enjoy it into my body. My skin came alive. Master said i leaned back into the whip. My ears became attuned to the whistle of the whip. i could hear it as well as i could hear the gerbils as they scurried across the sand in the dark of night searching for cover. I could feel the heat from the reflection of the sun against the moon. Master's pride was palpable. i knew He was pleased with my ability to take the pain He was offering me. I could feel His pleasure in my willingness to please.

i have no idea how long Master whipped me that night. i don't remember if He drew blood or left bruises. He did tell me i purred and i know i was in a special place all by myself. When Master finished He came to me and removed the gag. He pulled the nipple rings and kissed my ear. Then He reached down and fingered my cunt again. To show me how much i liked what He had done, He made me clean His fingers. He pulled the shirts down and the jeans up. He opened the cuffs and led me back to the chair. He spoke to me in soothing tones, bringing me back to His world. Then He took off the blindfold.

After a time, we watched the stars, the places i had visited when He whipped me. i saw Jupiter and Venus, the big dipper, Orion's' belt, and Ursa the bear. i followed a satellite as it slowly passed over our heads. He had one last surprise for me. When it was time to leave, we packed up the car. He reached into the trunk one last time and pulled out my Nepali blanket. He held it around me and told me to take off all my clothes. i had to take off my boots and socks too, quite a balancing act for a space traveler. He led me to the car, opened the door for me and told me to sit. He carefully wrapped the blanket around my legs and covered my belly, waist and chest. He tucked the edges of the blanket near my butt and shoulders, but not under them. So i could burn the memory of that night in my head, Master made me ride home with my bare ass and back on the rough fabric of the seats of the car. It was an uncomfortable ride, but i would not trade back to the city, but i would not trade that trip to the desert for anything.

Thank you, Master. And Happy Easter.


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