We swam this morning. The water was a bit cooler than yesterday, Master says it's because this morning the filter was on. i guess i can understand that. After the swim i made breakie, then messed with the laundry a bit.

Got ready and went for the sheera. She is a sadist, i'm sure. Or else she thinks that because i keep coming back it really doesn't hurt. The pubes are finer, not so coarse as they were in the beginning, but the roots must be longer, cuz man oh baby doll she was yankin' and it was hurtin'. Not on my arms or legs, only on my cunt and ass.

The amazing thing is that the hairs don't itch when they grow back as with shaving or diplatory.

Master put the rings back in, and got out the epilady to clean a couple of places she missed. The hair is so light and fine, i'm sure she didin't see it. She isn't working in the best of situations. She's on the floor, and the space doesn't have it's own lighting. The epilady doesn't hurt as much now, but of course Master wasn't anywhere near the tender lips.

While i was in position, i got punishment. i didn't lose any weight this week. Three with the cane, wham bam wham. i didn't cry. i don't think i howled, i did moan. Master held me until the pain left, and said it was a clean slate now. We talked about how different punishment was from play for both of us. That didn't make it any less painful, or make me feel less bad, but it was an interesting conversation. It's been 5 hrs. and i'm still sitting tenderly.

Burgers on the grill. Homestyle buns, grilled onions and mushrooms. Iced tea. Good weekend meal.

This holiday marks the anniversary of my father's death. It's been 37 years, and i still cry when i think of all the things my children missed because their grandfather is gone. i don't handle death with any great ease. My father and one of my best friends from high school. i will never forgive them for leaving me.

It is irrational for me to feel this way. i know they didn't plan on it, probably would have done anyting to prevent it, but they left me, before i was ready to have them go, and i am still angry. I see Barb's face weekly in someone else's. i don't see my father in other men but i do think of him when i see something i remember him liking, or think he would like, or want to tell him about.

i don't think i am morbid about it, i just have a lot of anger. i don't take people leaving me with any good grace at all. i don't accept change well.

AAHHH yes, change. A whole 'nuther story. It will be interesting this summer to see how it all works out with E and her spousal unit


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