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Mar. 28th, 2002 08:43 pm
Had sheera done today. Hope the information i gave H. is what she wants. Got Emerson home from the garage. Cost about 60 KD to have it repaired. That doesn't sound like much until i change it to dollars. Good thing i'm gainfully employed, is all i can say.

We are going through yet another sandstorm. Yesterday it was so bad, i couldn't see the airport when i drove passed it on the way to work. Today was good until about 4:30, then the wind put the sand back into the air. i didn't go to the ball game tonight because of the sand. Stayed home washed the sheera taffy off my bodily parts, talked to my girl child AND boy child. Ahhh! Life is good. The girl child and her significant other are moving in a few weeks. She is so full of good ideas. They are packing two boxes each, each day so that by the time the day comes to move, that's all they have to do.

The boy child got his work hours changed. He's doing flex work....and get $.50 more an hour for it. He doesn't like the job particularly but he likes that kind of work. Wish it could be more stable. We talked about a family vacation, him and his family, his sister and her s.o. and me. A cabin in a state park for a week, i think sounds good. He's going to check into it and let me know. The bid on the time share didn't make it. i had no doubts that it would. But it was a neato thing to think about.

Today was training day. Nothing. He didn't even mention it. We were busy all day long. i got Him out on the bike again. Not for long, though. He has to get the seat adjusted right. But He says it didn't hurt His knees, only His balls. Then it was into the beauty shop, the garage, and the ball park. I know life gets in the way sometimes, but i wish He would make me a priority just once in awhile. Probably won't ever happen, though. When He reads this it will just firm His resolve to be dominant and in control. i've probably clinched no deep training until the next time it snows.

There is a direction i want to take this entry, but i won't. i need to think some more on it. i don't want to make any mistakes when i finally put it down into words.

Tomorrow we are riding again. This time i hope we can go out to the campus. Maybe i can convince Him, if the weather is good. But i don't know. i heard it's supposed to be this way until Easter. i wonder when that is.


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