Jan. 4th, 2017 09:34 am
She had a seizure in the bathroom yesterday and fell face first into the tub. She knocked her knee pretty badly and managed to turn on the faucet to the tub, which meant she had to change her clothes from the waist down. Put some aspercreme on her shin, knee and ankle, got her dressed, and off to HIP. I have decided I have to be with her mornings, not to prevent seizures, but to catch them at the beginning before she can hurt herself. Be there with the magnet.

Nothing much exciting going on...I've been NOT napping during the day so that I can sleep at night. On the first I got out of bed at 7:45 after not having slept the whole night. I went to lie down on my bed for a nap about 4:30 that afternoon and didn't get up again, except for a couple of bathroom breaks, until 7:30 Monday morning. I guess I needed that to get my sleep cycle back on track.

Was surprised when I checked my bank account to find the SS check had arrived. I was under the impression the payment dates were to change and my check would come later in the month. Don't know what to think about this. Am not complaining that it has arrived, just wondering what checks will be coming on the later date.

Did the meditation thing again. I think I am doing okfine. Can get through 3 minutes with minimum of outside distraction. It's the inside distraction that consistently knocks me off balance. Will keep working.

Am trying to figure out how to insert a photo from facebook. Not having a fantastic time at it. It is a birthday photo with my sister and brother. Our family on my birthday. I think it is an especially nice photo, which is something I rarely think. And I can't figure how to get it from there to here. Will keep trying.
Have finished the second lesson in meditation; there will be an online discussion tonight at 8:30, with video. Downloaded the video conferencing program, saw myself, now I have to decide whether to do my hair, or avoid the camera. I am dediated to completing this course. It is a month long challenge, meditation is something I have long been interested in learning. Perhaps I can get Cindy and Eileen to create a small group with me.Time will tell.

Sonny died about 4:30 or so on New Year's Eve day. Den wants her to come right back here so she can begin the coming semester on time. Some days I would like to bitch slap that man. Give her some time to replenish herself. Give her some time to reconnect with her son. Give Eileen a break from being gram/mother to Jaden. Give you wife some help for Jeeze sake!
Let something you do already trigger a tiny step to something new, i.e. After I brush my teeth, I will floss one tooth; after I pee, I will drink a glass of water.
I have made one resolution for the coming year, and it is my hope that becoming mindful will help the rest of my life. I have great intentions of getting back to swimming and the gym this year; I think my body has mended well enough for me to try to get back into some sort of gooder physical shape. I haven't decided if I want to go to the Sports Plexs or back to the Y. I feel more comfortable at the Y because I have been there longer, but, the Sports Plex has a lazy river walk in the pool, which could be a really good help for me. I am certain their weight room is both bigger and nicer than the Ys is, too. I just have to check the difference in cost. If both places have the same price, it will be a much more difficult decision. We went over to Kelly's for my birthday Friday night. I got a nice warm pair of gloves from Kelly and Nancy, and from Eileen, Dennis, and Jaden I got a new Black Hawks sweatshirt to wear to the hockey games, and a flower cake, very pretty. Molly enjoys nibbling on it too. Pat and Lani and the kids got me a Roku for the TV.We are liking that fine. Since I now have the ability to get the NHL channel, I did just that for myself for my birthday. I also got a robot vacuum for me. The instruction booklet is written in the worst Chingish I have ever read. It isn't even funny. I have had to go over the manual many times. I finally got it to vacuum the whole house on Friday, but I can't figure out how to set the clock. Oh, and on Friday night, about midnight, the darned thing decided it was time to clean again. Nearly scared the bejibbers out of both Sarah and I. A week from Monday, I am having cataract surgery done on the right eye. Two weeks later, the same to the left one.
I finally made the jump from Live Journal to Dreamwidth. I was getting kind of lonesome over there. I manage to import all 14 years of entries. Gad, that was a heavy load. I am not making any new year's resolutions, but I am going to work at being a better writer. My cousin's son has a book in print. It is time for me to haul out that manuscript and see what can be done with it. Can't let a whippersnapper get ahead of me.
I have survived the cold from hell, almost. My voice is back, and the cough is no longer sounding as if I were trying to gak up a lung. I see no great advantage to the warming comfort of Thera-flu.

I wish I could remember the rap a couple of my 2nd graders did for sharing this morning. They are Saints fans and did a bit about the Colts. Very cute.

Two nights in a row Mother managed to not take her meds. She did however turn off the alarm on the pill minder box, carry it into her bedroom, and remember to take the two pills I leave sitting out on the bathroom counter for her. She also does not understand why she is now taking a pill at 2 in the afternoon. Eileen is with her now, for an MRI, and hopefully explaining all of this to Mother in nurse talk.

I am alone in the house. I could run naked through all the rooms if I wanted. If it were summer, I might even consider it. But being a cold and snowy day, I shan't.

Pat came over this morning and I am not so efficient with my snow clearing technique I was back in the house by 6:48. Pretty soon I'll be so good I'll be done before I start. Pat was going to stop by this afternoon on his way home from work to help me clear again, but I don't feel like it. He will stop by tomorrow morning. I expect tomorrow will not be so easy as today because of the increase in wind velocity that is expected tonight.  Price Lab school dismissed early today, I heard. We did not. I fully expect to have a late start tomorrow, perhaps even another snow day, if the weather behaves as is forecast.  It wasn't too bad outside this morning or at noon.  I asked Ron, the custodian if he wanted me to find any wet spots in the halls for him to mop up. He said no, he'd try to find them before I fell. Mr. Y teacher said he noticed my absence on Friday. I said I was sick. He'll keep a spot for me. 
Another snow storm, same song thirty-seventh verse.
Most all of them have been without Master. i'm beginning to feel abandoned. It seems He's never around when i really need Him. i know in my head that isn't true, but my heart is sure having a hard time finding Him.

The internet service provider, (Is that what ISP means?) had a fire on January 28 and service was down to over half the country for several days. Since we live so far from the city we were some of the last to get back online. i don't know exactly when that happened, i was being patient and foolishly expecting that when our area was operational again, i would know it. i have lived here long enough to know better, but yet that is what i believed.

Master was in on the 29th and stayed until the 31st. He let it slip that the reason He is now coming across with military convoys is because He was shot at the the week before. The southern part of the country is still relatively safe from terrorist activity, but there is now the threat of bandits. They don't want the person, particularly, they want the vehicle and/or anything of value they can find inside. The reason Master didn't make it in on the weekend, is that He missed the last convoy on Thursday. He has his security people who convoy Him from whichever warehouse He's in to the American camp. From there He convoys with the military through the DMZ and to the northern border of Kuwait. It is a longer route, but He assures me much safer. i want Him out of the country. We spent the day together on the 30th but it was all about work. Doing this, getting estimates for that, buying the other, answering phone calls that are over and above His job description, but it seems He is the only one who has a handle on the subject. He has not had a REAL day off in over 6 months.

Needless to say, things around the apartment are going to hell in a handbasket. And He is set to leave on Feb 17 for 2 weeks back in the States. i have a list of things that want taking care of; i guess i better prioritize because i know He isn't going to have time to get everything done. Maybe i'll just pack up my stuff and move to a smaller place while He is gone. Leaving no forwarding address. Am i bitter?

Therapy is winding down. Tomorrow is the last of the scheduled 30 days. Yesterday was not good. i had severe pain in the left knee. Enough so that my knee gave out several times as i was walking. i am depressed about this beyond measure. And of course Who isn't around for me to vent to? The only reason i have internet now is because i couldn't sleep last night so at 2 in the morning Mohammed, from Fastelco, and i were on the phone trying to get my PC online. At least he was polite, and funny. But it was 4:30 in the morning before i went back to bed.

i see more of Orlin than i do of Master. And by the time He gets back from Angelo He will have spent more time with His family there than with me here. i don't begrudge Him time with His family. He has a 3 mo/old grandson He has to get to know. And a granddaughter to spoil. But i am jealous a bit. Phooey!

It is a grey day today, and writing about all this nonsense is not helping my mood.

Feb. 2 Water truck incident, ambulances, and police
Feb. 3 Spending a social day with the Therapist
Feb. 4 Newly painted vehicles and rain storms, why some Indian men smell Islamic New Year
Feb. 5 Tylenol PM, ativan, and codeine

i think i have figured out the knee pain. We will not be walking on the beach today.
I ended up with three pills 2x/day, some nose spray 2x/day, and some gargle 4-5x/day for whatever it is that i have. If i hear from the doc, it will be because i have strep throat, but i don't think i do. i'm not running any fever. My b/p was quite high for me but she said that might be because i'm sick. She suggested keeping a log and taking my machine into school and having it calibrated with the clinic's. i took it when i got home in the afternoon and it was still high, but down from the morning. At least i am breathing better and can get rid of the bad taste in my mouth with the gargle. There is something like it available in the States, it deadens the soreness in the throat, but this stuff tastes mucho bettero.

Last night, even though i was dragging my patoot, i went to the Kuwait Textile Arts Association monthly meeting. i have been thinking to do this for some time and last night was the monthly meeting and i had someone to introduce me, so i toughed it out and went. It wasn't quite what i expected, but i paid my 5kd and joined. The only downside to the evening was that i was sitting near someone who had terrible body oder. If i could smell him/her with my plugged nose, i can't even begin to imagine how others around suffered.

The Association is offering 14 different workshops and i am most definitely interested in two of them. One is for tatters. My grandmother taught me to tat when i was a pre-teen but since that was almost a half century ago and i haven't done it for about that long, i thought i would try it out. i have an idea for some socks with nice tatted lace on the cuffs. There is another one, a weaving workshop that teaches the traditional techniques of Bedouin weaving. It's a bit pricey, but i would have the opportunity to try out a ground loom and use traditional Kuwaiti textiles. The only hangup to either of these would be the time. i get the feeling that most of the members of this group are non-working wives, and therefore the times for events are set up at their convenience. We shall see.

We were supposed to get a new teacher yesterday. i didn't see hide nor hair of him. He could have been out getting processed in, and i didn't see Jamal, so i don't know what happened. i did learn that the second teacher who is leaving is not the one i thought. i have an idea who it is now, but don't really care enough to check it out. i'll learn soon enough.

At the meeting last night there was a knitter. She was making socks on dpn's. i like the look of mine better. i think part of my problem with dpn's is the pair i have are too big. She was using a short set of bamboo needles. Mine are metal, very slippery, and quite long.

i think i will take the sock i'm working on to school today. If i get all my work done early before class, i'll knit. It's to the point now that i am doing 'make work' to keep busy before class. Today is quiz 2 and the beginning of the survey section of the course. These kids are truly the chernobyl bunch. i like them as people, but talking to them in class is about like talking to a camel turd, and about as useful. They continue to make the same mistakes. i am going to have to get tough with them. Beginning today.
The Alma Mater lost last night, but State won and is the only Iowa school left in the tourney. Not what i wanted but nothing to sneeze at. Next week State plays North Carolina, the number 1 seed in that division. My money is on the home team. It could happen.

i'm debating whether or not to go to the clinic. Last night i think i discovered sore and swollen glands under my tongue. Am i a hypochondriac? Combine that with a slight sore throat and a nose that barely lets air in or out on a regular basis, i might really have something. The last time i went to the clinic next door i was given antibiotics and told i had strep throat. Not swab, no culture, the doc just eyeballed my throat and pronounced. Given the whoooha about antibiotics i didn't particularly like that. i have to decide if i want convenience, or, there is no decision. i'll go to the International clinic in Salmiya. i might have to wait a bit longer for the appointment, but i will feel better about the diagnosis. i have a 9;30 appt. i'm not sure what for, the man taking the information was largely unintelligible, but i have an appointment for something and "nine and one half thirty". Oh, hmmm, could that really be 9:15? or maybe 9:45? When i don't feel well i am not very patient. Ha! i made a pun!

Will be checking with Kathleen about the Kuwait Fiber Arts Association. i think there is a general meeting tonight. i had talked to her about going. i don't want to turn this down. i need some outside stimulation.
The weather pattern this year seems very different from previous years. i have come to the conclusion that i am not sick with a cold, i am having an allergic reaction to something in the air. Perhaps because it has been so damp and cold this year, there is mould or mildew that is making me suffer so. For the past two weeks, at least, my nose is stuffy and runny at the same time and my eyes and ears have itched. i have someOTC allergy stuff and have decided that the metalic taste it leaves in my mouth is less offensive than the itchy, scratchy, runny effects of the allergens. We shall see.

i have about decided it is time to do something for my knees. i called Dr. Shah yesterday and asked for a referral to an ortho doc. We shall see what becomes of it. If he gives me a referral i will see it through.

i spent the morning being Sandra Seamstress. i have nearly finished the hems in Master's new work pants, sewed up a hole in His sweats, and tacked a seam in His Christmas sweater. It is my plan that today all of those things can be put away.

He is working some long long days, 12-14 hrs. minimum. Saturday night He didn't get back to the cabins until after 10 p.m. and last night He was still working when i called about 9. The contract does not have any overtime built in so everybody but the day laborers should be building up comp days. Now the question is will they ever get to use them? i am hoping He will be home this evening, He talked about it on Saturday morning, but i am not getting too excited about it. The best laid plans and all that.

The day is clear and grey. The navy boat has no reflective light and looks like a black spot on the water. There is no reflection of it either. But, the small boats that run around it are throwing up the most beautiful white wakes. The water is calm, not smooth, but very soothing to watch. Earllier this morning i could see the pumping station clearly, i can see it now, but there is a haze out there that smudges its edges. i can't tell where the ocean ends and the sky begins. i saw a super tanker this morning.

i must remember to water the plants today.


Mar. 12th, 2005 06:00 am
i left Tuesday early evening. The flight was supposed to leave at 6 something but we were about 30 minutes late off the ground, so it was closer to 7. My assigned seat was very close to the front; i was in a row with two young businessmen from Romania, i think. The steward came to the three of us and explained that a family with a young boy in a full leg cast were on the plane. The boy was being moved about by the plane's wheelchair. The steward asked if we would mind exchanging seats with the family to make it easier on the boy. i said yes without hesitation, thinking it was a no-brainer, but at first i thought the men seated in the row with me were going to decline. The steward made it very clear that he could only request, not force us to change, and that it had to be the whole row, so the family could stay together, or nothing. What boggled my mind was why those guys even had to think about it. Cultural differences i guess.

The plane arrived a bit late, we must have had a tail wind and i didn't get to the hotel until nearly 10. Dubai is an hour ahead of Kuwait, so i guess it really wasn't that late. The room was on the upper level in the same hotel as i had stayed last year. It was much larger than my room last year, but because it was up a floor, i didn't have the nice sliding glass doors and patio. Oh well.

Was up early the next morning, actually i didn't sleep well, and off to the conference in time to make the plenary speakers. Some mix-up at the registration desk, they couldn't find my name. It was soon figured out, my fault, i was trying to register as a delegate, not a presenter. Nifty gifts this year. A very nice laptop carrying case, a really nifty laser pointer/pen (now i can target planes that fly over the apartment) a mouse pad, an extensive reader, and something else i'm forgetting. Wednesday's sessions lasted until 6:30, but i bugged out about 4. i needed to relax. Back to the room, and some down time. One neat thing about most hotels in Muslim countries, room service has no extra charge, so i treated myself to a mozzarella and tomato salad and a chicken and spinach dish with mushrooms and peppers. Served on a table with a linen cloth and flowers. Ritzy me.

Thursday was the presentation. Didn't have the room filled, i was told to make handouts for 100, but i think there were between 50 & 60. The presentation went well, and so did the workshop aspect. With the exception that i asked for questions at the wrong time, and we really didn't get to do much with the workshop. Another problem was that although i was slated for 60 minutes and had the whole presentation down to 45, the timekeeper started letting people in early and the disruption made for a messy end. Had a heckler, i don't know what his agenda was, on the powerpoint and in the hand out and in the paper it was clearly stated the group used was small and it was clearly a sample of convenience, but he went on and on about the analysis not being sound and how he had done research on this back in the 80's, yadda, yadda, yadda. Oh well, i survived.

Had several people stop me outside to discuss the online journaling and i expect to hear from at least 3 of them by email for more info. All in all i gave myself a B+. Shouldn't have asked for questions in the middle, and probably could have handled the heckler better. i don't know what the competition judges gave me. i'm not even sure the judges were there. Oh well, i probably wouldn't have gone anyway. Can't really afford a trip to the States next month.

There was a presenter's lunch in the Thai restaurant in the hotel, it was very good. i bought the proceedings from last year, and then learned i had a complimentary copy waiting for me because last year's presentation was published in it. If last year's got in, then i expect to be in this year's too. This paper was better than last year's. i sat around and talked with people for a bit after the meal. There was nothing that really piqued my interest in the afternoon sessions. i went back to my hotel and vegged again.

There was nothing on Friday that i wanted to see, either, and i was getting antsy to be back 'home'. i mooched around the hotel until it was time to check out and leave for the airport. Again, the plane was late leaving, this time because two passengers who had checked luggage decided not to show, and the bags had to be removed from the plane. About 15 minutes late back to Kuwait. i called Master as soon as i got off the plane. Usually it works out fine when we do this. The one who is picking up generally has to do 2 drive arounds through the terminal and the picked up is out the door. Last night i was out and had to wait 30 minutes for Him to get there. There is an advantage to taking only a carry-on on the plane.

i was dead beat last night. Took my bath and was in bed by 9:30. i read until Master came in about an hour later and then we had a nice chitchat for another hour before we fell asleep. He's up and gone already this morning. Might not be back for the weekend. On the other hand, He might have a day or 2 here during the week, so i guess that wouldn't be such a bad trade off. i hinted that coming in on Monday night would be nice since i don't go into the office on Tuesdays. We shall see.

All in all it was a nice weekend, but as always, it is so good to be home.


Mar. 6th, 2005 07:53 pm
taken from a friend's journal


A website has been created, the purpose of which, i am at odds. The
website is:

Frienditto is used to "archive LJ posts." The posts archived can be
their own, which is certainly fine, but unfortunately through the
wonder of the LJ friends list, archives will also include the posts in
communities, and the posts belonging to other people. Think about that
for a moment; someone taking your friends only, filtered posts and
making them public for anyone to see. That is bothersome to me.

Yet, that is what happens on Frienditto.

Please don't use Frienditto. Don't give Frienditto access to your
journal by giving them your LJ userid and password.
i don't want my
posts ending up on Frienditto. That is a violation of my privacy. I
gave you access to my journal which, aside
from one public post, is completely friends only. In case my intent
isn't clear in this matter, i don't want anyone reading my journal
entries aside from you, to whom this ability
was specifically granted. Please respect my privacy and my
trust - don't let my posts end up on Frienditto through your friends

You might find this information interesting (as seen in and borrowed
from[ profile] cerval's journal):

Some information about Frienditto can be found here:

The community [ profile] ditto_cops was created by [ profile] arkady
to monitor what goes into Frienditto. Here you might be able to find
out if your journal entries have been "dittoed" by some well meaning

This is LJ Abuse's position regarding
Frienditto is not affiliated with LiveJournal
in any way. As such, this website does not have access to any entries
which are not publicly viewable. If someone provides them with their
LiveJournal username and password, however, it gives this site access
to all non-public entries that account would have access to. We can
only recommend that you do not provide your username and password to
any person or website to ensure the security of your account.

Additionally, if you believe anyone on your Friends list may have
provided their login information to this website, we can only advise
that you remove them from your Friends list. This website will have
access to your Friends-only entries as long as any person on your
Friends list has given the site access. If any content is present on
Frienditto which you do not wish to be there, you will need to resolve
the issue with that website.
I find this entire thing
alarming, mainly because i truly suspect that the creators of
Frienditto, LJ users themselves, completely understood the
ramifications behind the design of what they were doing and created the
site with the intent to be able to see friends-only posts on LJ.
Master has gone already. i might not get to see Him again until a week after i get back from Dubai. This weekend, while short and swift, was good, even though we did get caught in the worst sand storm of the season.

The Little Theater's production of Bugsy Malone was pretty ok. All kid cast and crew with only adult for backup supervision. i wonder how the parents of the very blond and beautiful Tallulah are dealing with the romance that most likely has blossomed between her and the very Kuwaiti and handsome Bugsy Malone? For that matter i wonder how his parents feel about it too. The performance was sluggish. i suppose for the 18-year-old director's first try at that job it went quite well. Technically it was excellent. A couple of numbers i hoped everyone would finish together, a couple i hoped they would just finish. It was interesting and something to do. The cast have three more performances. By next Friday afternoon, perhaps they will be more up to speed.

Sheera'a today, then the office, not quite the order i normally like but nothing to be done about it.

Master bought a box of local lettuce because it was cheaper than one head of American. Since i have a real thing about being wasteful, i guess salads are on the menu this week. He also bought some chicken breast deli meat to put on the salads. i have to get some buttermilk, there is a honey mustard dressing i want to try.

How can Max just lay on the floor for hours , it seems, and not blink?

One thing i didn't get done this weekend was having Master workout. Just too much to do in too little time.

i have Max's reservation at the dog hotel. They remember him. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, she wonders.
The last time i was out in the desert in as bad a sandstorm as we are having today i ended up with laryngitis. Now my throat is a bit scratchy and my eyes and ears itch. We've had mudrain, wind, sand, and sunshine all in the same hour today. Now it's just wind and sand. UGH! Poor Max looked like an orphant dog when he got in the truck after his run today.
The first weekend of every month the mattress gets turned. You know, head to toe, side to side, top to bottom. Usually Master helps with this but today because it was just head to toe, i did it myself. i learned two things today. 1) The cleaning lady does not always move the bed when she does the bedroom floors. No big thing, i know she has a schedule and it gets moved regularly. 2) i know where Max has been hiding his rawhide squares. i knew he had been burying them between the mattress and the headboard ocaisionally. He has decided that he likes his master's bed better than he likes his couch. Because of this i have had to keep the bedroom door shut during the day. Sometimes i forget, and that's when Max would 'bury' his treat. Well, apparently i have forgotten more often than i thought. As i was shoving the mattress back, i discovered Max's stash; eight rawhide squares, and a rawhide bone. He had buried them in the bed and they fell through to the floor. Right now Max has two squares soaking in his water dish and i just caught him trying bury the bone again in the tree pot.

Two thoughts about this. Either he was abandoned and left to starve at a very early age, and we truly did save his life when he adopted us nearly three years ago, or, he is first generation domestic. He has all the traits of a ferral animal.
i decided to wait on the workout. i'm going to try to get Master interested tomorrow. If i do it today, i won't be able to do it tomorrow.
Well, now i am getting pretty jazzed about the conference next week. Did some preliminary work on the stats and come to find out there is a significant difference between my student's journal writing and their research writing. (Carry over from what is discussed in the journal to what is written in the paper.) Today i am going to look at other journal sites (if anyone knows of some would you drop me a line?) to get started on the workshop aspect. i have to go to the stationery store to get some cardstock for the handout packet. i just looked at the latest email, i am in a plenary room, and should expect at least 100 participants. i think i mentioned this proposal was ranked in the top 5% of all of the conference. i already have an idea for next year, that continues on this theme. M'aller!

i had a minor malfunction of the brain about a week ago and lost the websites i had for translation of emoticons. Another favor, if anyone knows of any could you please let me know? Part of the workshop will be discussing students' use of them in their writing. The transcripts of the interviews are fun to read. i have several themes for the paper picked out. This is getting to be funner and funner.

One sort of sour note in all of this. i went into ask the secretary to remind Jamal that i need an exit letter. She said Jamal had already started the process and that Eman called back and said if i am out of the country i don't get paid. Secretary said she thought the dean had approved the day out but she would check with Jamal to be sure. Jamal said yes the dean has approved. He tried to get Eman on the phone to explain the situation to her, but was not able. i'm going in on Saturday to continue this. i want to be certain i am not going to lose a day's pay. There will be nothing i can do about it if this does happen except to be really really REALLY angry with the university. But i'm going to hold off on that until i get my pay receipt. i charged my conference fees by fax and just checked, the fees have come through the bank. Everything is taken care of.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and maybe Tuesday i will be working in the office with one of my colleagues checking over the statistical stuff. We were talking yesterday, and he said he really didn't want me near the numbers. Oh, il de petite foi. (i found a translation site that is kind of fun.)

Last night i was completely fagged out. These long weekends are killers. Was gone from 8 in the morning to 6 last night and then had to take Maxie out for his run. i let him sleep in the computer room last night cuz he had spent so much time in the kennel yesterday. Even then i felt guilty. i really should have let him sleep in the bedroom with me. But he is being his usual pesky self this morning so i guess he still loves me. Tomorrow is a desert day for him, if Master gets back tonight.

We are going to the theatah tomorrow afternoon. Going to take in a matinee. Something different this time, Bugsy Malone, the one with an all young people cast. i think last night was opening night so they should have the first time jitters taken care of. If i remember right, it is directed by a young person, too. i have an idea who is directing, i have watched him grow up in the Little Theater company. It should be a fun afternoon. Then Max to the desert, and maybe, just maybe, if i am good, we can have a picnic out there too. What a lovely day that would be.

i am procrastinating. i should go workout, but am not quite in the right frame of mind yet. On the other hand, i can't think of any other interesting things to put here for today. Oh, wait, there is a sparrow talking to Max. Oops, apparently Max didn't like what the bird had to say.

Emerson is just fine. What was concerning me two days ago ended up being what i had hoped, the new stuff just needed settling in. i felt so good yesterday afternoon that i had a fully functioning, non-leaking car and a terrific new radio/cd player that stuck in some Chicks, cranked down the windows, and cranked up the tunes. And sang at the top of my lungs all the way home. Who cares what the people in the cars next to me at the traffic lights thought? NOT ME.
i called Master yesterday to ask Him about something, Read more... )


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