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We spent a week in Iowa City for a VEEG for Sarah. Trying to figure out how to help control the seizures a bit better. It seems she is not a likely candidate for the surgery, the seizures are not centrally located. They occur in all areas of her brain. She goes back down again on May 1 for a pre-surg physical and then on May 2 she will have the battery in her VNS replaced.

Pat has cooked her up some cannabis oil and put it in pill form for her to try. He brought it over on Saturday. I have not given her any yet. I want to try one or two myself to see what the effect is first. Then last night I read an article on some drugs that do not mix well with cannabis. Of course she takes two of the nine listed. I am taking one of them on the list, so, like I said, I am going to test pilot the pills before giving them to her.

I may not give her any until after the VNS battery is replaced. I don't want her to have blood work that shows evidence of her using drugs.

I also read last night about a new procedure to let blind people see. She seems to fit the criteria. I will ask about it the next time we are down to see the ophthalmology guys. Maybe being able to see would make the seizures more palatable.

Molly has not left my side since we got back. She stayed at Eileen's while we were gone. E has 4 cats, so I figured Molly would fit right in. She disappeared for the first 24 hrs or so, but became good friends with Dennis. Until it was time for her to come back here. Molly did not want to get in the kennel to come home, at. all. So her return didn't happen until Saturday. Now she is sleeping in my arms as I type.


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