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I have made one resolution for the coming year, and it is my hope that becoming mindful will help the rest of my life. I have great intentions of getting back to swimming and the gym this year; I think my body has mended well enough for me to try to get back into some sort of gooder physical shape. I haven't decided if I want to go to the Sports Plexs or back to the Y. I feel more comfortable at the Y because I have been there longer, but, the Sports Plex has a lazy river walk in the pool, which could be a really good help for me. I am certain their weight room is both bigger and nicer than the Ys is, too. I just have to check the difference in cost. If both places have the same price, it will be a much more difficult decision. We went over to Kelly's for my birthday Friday night. I got a nice warm pair of gloves from Kelly and Nancy, and from Eileen, Dennis, and Jaden I got a new Black Hawks sweatshirt to wear to the hockey games, and a flower cake, very pretty. Molly enjoys nibbling on it too. Pat and Lani and the kids got me a Roku for the TV.We are liking that fine. Since I now have the ability to get the NHL channel, I did just that for myself for my birthday. I also got a robot vacuum for me. The instruction booklet is written in the worst Chingish I have ever read. It isn't even funny. I have had to go over the manual many times. I finally got it to vacuum the whole house on Friday, but I can't figure out how to set the clock. Oh, and on Friday night, about midnight, the darned thing decided it was time to clean again. Nearly scared the bejibbers out of both Sarah and I. A week from Monday, I am having cataract surgery done on the right eye. Two weeks later, the same to the left one.
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