Jan. 3rd, 2017

Was surprised when I checked my bank account to find the SS check had arrived. I was under the impression the payment dates were to change and my check would come later in the month. Don't know what to think about this. Am not complaining that it has arrived, just wondering what checks will be coming on the later date.

Did the meditation thing again. I think I am doing okfine. Can get through 3 minutes with minimum of outside distraction. It's the inside distraction that consistently knocks me off balance. Will keep working.

Am trying to figure out how to insert a photo from facebook. Not having a fantastic time at it. It is a birthday photo with my sister and brother. Our family on my birthday. I think it is an especially nice photo, which is something I rarely think. And I can't figure how to get it from there to here. Will keep trying.


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